tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. How absolutely gorgeous is this rose granita with vanilla bean ice cream?!

2. In what is probably everyone’s nightmare, we went to the mall yesterday and it was insane. Like worse that it has been in previous years. I want/need some nice/cute/practical snow boots so pleeeease leave your recommendations.

3. We didn’t really watch any TV this week with the holiday, but we did start watching the O.A. on netflix! Have you watched? Thoughts?

4. Definitely can’t get over everyone taking their trees down on Christmas or the day after! I consider the entire week between Christmas and New Years to still be holiday time and we don’t take down anything until January. I never want it to end!

5. I instagrammed every single one of these things this past year… except for the bagels. I cannot get behind those bagels. I mean, I think they are SO pretty. But ingesting one? No thanks.

6. Before we had Max, Eddie and I would do one big series binge over the holidays and barely move from the couch for two or three days until we finished. Obviously that isn’t possible anymore, but we’re still looking for a (newish) show to most likely fall asleep on the couch to. Throw me your ideas.

7. LOVE these leadership goals for 2017.

8. Speaking of 2017, last year I couldn’t get my act together to make a vision board and I find that my years always feel more… organized? inspiring? when I make one! I’m on it this week. Since I’m a magazine junkie, I find it super fun.