We made it!

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To the end of January and I went a little skincare crazy because my face was about to flake off in the cold, dry weather.

Most of my days this month were filled with cookbook photography, so I wasn’t necessarily wearing the fullest face of makeup. I did my basics: tinted moisturizer, mascara, concealer and brows – and if I remembered, something balm-like on my lips! Around this time I always get into really bright shades (corals, oranges and pinks) because they brighten my mood so much. I’m looking for some to try and may go after this Burberry one! I’ve never tried any of the Burberry makeup (and haven’t even had a desire too) but then I saw the bright crimson shade and I was DEAD.

So now, while I only have six things that I really have been wowed by this month… here they are! 

january beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

Hourglass Lip Stylo in Creator. This is my perfect “my lips but better” shade! I’m always looking for one, but it’s so hard to go on recommendations since everyone has different lip colors. Not only do I love how this feels (it’s not SUPER matte, but it’s not shiny either and it is comfortable on the lips and way too easy to apply), the shade is just so pretty. It’s like one shade pinker than my lips. I want these in all the colors! (of course.)

Sol de Janiero Moisturizing Shower Cream Gel. While I haven’t brought the bum bum cream back out quite yet (it’s a little too tropical smelling for my January days), I bought the shower gel and LOVE IT. It smells exactly the same (which is like heaven, hello), but it doesn’t linger like the cream (where the scent lasts forever!). This way I can get my fix. And it is very moisturizing.

It Cosmetics CC Illumination Cream SPF 50. You might remember that I used the original version of this when I started talking about my beauty favorites regularly. I ran out and probably around the same time grabbed the Complexion Rescue (which I still LOVE!) and started using that. While I do still love that, it is a very light coverage. I always want something in between a full foundation and light coverage and since I’m all about the glow, was super excited to try the illuminating version of the CC cream. OMG. I love it so, so much. It is thicker than I’m used to working with, especially on my dry skin, but as long as I’ve moisturized well, it goes right on. I love the illuminating effect!

january beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

Drunk Elephant C Firma Day Serum. I’ve wanted to add in some vitamin C to my skincare and this was the best rated product I found. I loooove Drunk Elephant products and this feels amazing on my skin. I swear my skin looks better somehow already – maybe more… vibrant? Either way, for right now I’m using it every other morning under moisturizer.

Dr Jart Water Sleeping Mask. This has been a favorite for a long time but it’s really saving my skin right now. Here’s the thing. I can’t go ONE day without my nighttime skin routine in the winter because I’m so dry. My face is a mess if I don’t moisturize or do every step at night. I almost always do, but I’ve had a few late nights on days where I didn’t even wear makeup, and I just used a quick makeup wipe before I went to bed. NOT GOOD. This saved my skin big time after those days. I’m using this about 4 days a week right now.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm. Okay this is a love/hate relationship. I LOVE cleansing oils and use them every time I wear any makeup on my eyes. My go-to has always been the MAC cleanse off oil because it has a pump! Yes, I’ve used coconut oil and I love it, but having the pump is just so easy and convenient and I swear the makeup melts in seconds. Now, I am really loving this product because it’s so gentle, has zero fragrance (zero!) and takes everything off. But since I’m still opening up a jar and scooping it, it would be just as easy to use coconut oil. Hmmm. On the fence.

january beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

What spring things are you loving right now?! I heard that there are some new Cover FX enhancing drops coming out (rose gold?!) and I’m super excited about those. Eeeep.

{as usual, none of this is sponsored and all of these products were purchased by me. i am not affiliated with any of the companies above, nor do i accept free products. just love to talk about what i like, makeup junkie to makeup junkie. there are a few amazon general links above. thank you for being here!}