Clearly the first week of 2017 is all about easy meals for me.

sesame cucumber ribbon avocado toast I

I wish I could say that I’m doing it all for you. I am, of course, but I’m also being ridiculously selfish and doing it for me, because I’m in the midst of photographing my cookbook and need meals that don’t require… well… cooking.

See also: this is Eddie’s worst nightmare on toast. He doesn’t like avocado and he has a weird aversion to cucumbers. I gave him a chicken thigh! He was happy.

sesame cucumber ribbon avocado toast I

I know that I just recently shared my favorite winter avocado toast, but this here is another version that I came across over the holiday season and I’ve been eating it like a crazy person. It is SO good. The idea reminds me of last winter when I couldn’t stop eating sesame cucumbers with everything – especially my veggie cream cheese and smoked salmon toasts.

This is similar but a million times better because it’s basic avocado toast and listen… for me, avocado toast is going precisely nowhere in 2017. I mean, nowhere but my MOUTH. It’s my breakfast or lunch staple because it keeps me full in the most perfect way possible. So satisfying and flavorful and crunchy and creamy.

Plus, I can add all sorts of stuff to trash it up!

sesame cucumber ribbon avocado toast I

ALSO. These are real vegetables. Like actual vegetables on top of my avocado toast. REAL GREEN VEG. What have I done with myself.

Here’s the deal.

You make these adorable little cucumber ribbons with your veggie peeler (super simple) and then whip up a quick dressing to drizzle on top. You can even add a little of this dressing to the avocado if you wish – I’ve been weirdly obsessed with sesame and avocado flavors for a while (sesame guac on short ribs tacos? HELLO) so I think it’s fantastic. If it freaks you out, just do your regular salt and pepper routine and throw your cucumber on top!

sesame cucumber ribbon avocado toast I

My favorite, we’re talking absolute FAVE part of the whole thing is the sesame sprinkle on top. I added a bit of furikake seasoning too because I have it on hand and it gives a little crunch crunch crunch.

AND the chili garlic paste. I love that stuff. It’s so strong that when you remove the lid, it hits you in the face like a huge garlic punch. But it’s so delicious. As long as you’re not making out with anyone.

sesame cucumber ribbon avocado toast I

Now is it too early in 2017 to have an ice cream cone after this?

Maybe a margarita?

Maybe a peanut butter dipped spoon covered in chocolate chips?

The vegetables are making me ask.

sesame cucumber ribbon avocado toast I

Cucumber Ribbon Avocado Toast

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  • Toast the bread to your liking. Season the avocado with the salt and pepper, either slicing it or mashing it – again, to your liking. Mash or place it on your toast.
  • Slice the ends off of the cucumber and peel it. Use a vegetable peeler to slice long ribbons from the cucumber. If your short on time or anti-ribbon, you can slice it too!
  • Whisk together the vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil. You can either toss the cucumber in it, or drizzle it over top. Place the cucumbers on top of the avocado and add any extra dressing drizzled on top. Top with the sesame seeds and furikake seasoning. Add some chili garlic paste if you’re into spicy!


[inspired by bon appetit]

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I appreciate you so much!

sesame cucumber ribbon avocado toast I

Exclamation points included.