tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. What we can drink for the next few months: winter champagne punch with rosemary syrup!

2. I’ve decided that we need a day in between December 31 and January 1. You know, like a day to get our act together FOR January 1. Because I want to fully enjoy the end of December, but I want to start fresh on January 1. Like have everything ready to go. Make sense?

3. Speaking of the new year, I saw this amazing idea all over social media to take an intention walk on New Year’s Day. I love the idea, but live in the freezing cold. Does an intention treadmill walk count?

4. Might make a resolution to steer clear of Target for a few weeks. Which should be easy since swimsuits are out.

5. I’m absolutely in LOVE with the healthy glow collective that Monique and Lee have started. It’s so relatable and… REAL.

6. Thoughts on The Affair this past week? I still thought it was so good, but Helen, what the heck! I go back and forth between liking and hating her. This show makes me feel like I’m IN the show! I also watched the Bachelor last night against my better judgement. So many good shows start soon… Nashville! (will it be as good?) Homeland! Billions! Wahoo.

7. On NYE we watched the Shallows and I’ve had shark nightmares ever since. We also took Max to see his first movie last week – we saw Sing and I loved it! Eddie thought it was MEH. Annnd while we’re on the subject of random media, I’m currently reading Lauren Graham’s book. Going to do more book posts this year, I swear.

8. Making 2017 the year of QUALITY. Gosh do I love this so, so much.

9. I don’t like brownies with frosting. I want my brownies unfrosted. Forever. (Unless, maybe, it’s peanut butter.)