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FINALLY. I’m finally sharing all of our favorite toddler things over the last sixish months. And only about a month late. These are the things that we have been crazy over since our last faves post. So much has changed from 18 months to 24 – it’s crazy.

(p.s. If you’re looking for other favorites, you can find them right here.)

Of course there are a ton of other things he really enjoys too (hello first grandchild/nephew on both sides), but these are the absolute faves. And yes, I owe you guys a favorite books post – it’s coming! Would love to hear what you guys are loving below!

Pottery Barn All-in-One Retro Kitchen. We bought this for Max for Christmas and he absolutely LOVES it. I went back and forth on this sort of kitchen or the more “playlike” kitchens (am I making sense?) and a bunch of you told me that the one like this kept your kids interested in it a lot longer. He absolutely loves it and it’s so adorable that we haven’t even moved it out of our family room yet. It’s also pretty tiny – much smaller than I envisioned, which is a good thing!

Thomas the Tank Engine Up and Down Coaster. Oh em gee. My brother bought this for Max for his birthday and he is obsessed. He calls slides (which he loves) “the wheeeeee!” so everyday we go downstairs to ride his wheeeee. He can push Thomas up the coaster, climb up the steps, get on and go down all by himself. It’s adorable.

Lightning McQueen Slippers. A random Target find that I thought would be an awesome stocking stuffer – he wasn’t into these at first, but one day he put them on his feet and now he wants them on all the time. He looks so freaking adorable wearing them because they look like big fluffy flippers. He will wear them all day if we are home!

Hanna Anderson PJs. I’ve mentioned these until I’m blue in the face – almost since Max was born. These are still by far our favorite PJs. We prefer the one pieces over the two piece set, but they are both great. I cannot stress what amazing quality these PJs are. I have other PJs from Target, ones that are from Carters, Old Navy, etc – every single one of them looks old and like rags after being washed a million times. The Hannas still look and feel like new, and they’ve also been washed a million times. A lot of times they will have sales, so never buy at retail price. (also, the camo snow suit above is from hanna anderson, but was last year.)

Uppababy G Luxe Umbrella Stroller. We’ve had this stroller since Max was 8 months old, but it’s now the stroller we use exclusively since he’s getting bigger. I still ADORE the orbit baby G3 (and am devastated that the have gone out of business. If I have another baby, I’ll definitely need a new car seat and am very sad that orbit won’t exist! does anyone know details on why they are discontinued?), but it is so large and he’s not in the stroller 24/7 anymore. This one is super light, has a strap so it can easily be carried, is easily foldable and also still has a big cart underneath. Plus, it’s comfy and cute. Max is a super shopper and as long as he has some books, smoothies and snacks and toy cars, will sit in this for hours.

Zara leggings. These still remain a favorite, two years later! My friend Cindy sent us a pair of these when Max was born and they have remained our favorite pants for play since. They are just so soft and comfy. And cute! I also love that they are leggings and fit his skinny little legs.

Patagonia Hi Loft Down Jacket. We have one of these from last year that still fits Max, and it is by far the best winter coat we have tried. If you live in a cold climate, I’m sure you deal with the whole get the coat off, get in the car seat, get out of the car seat, get back in the coat deal. This coat is so easy to put on, it’s almost stretchy or something. It’s super warm but not bulky or hugely puffy at all. Love it.

Thermos Funtainer Canteen Cups. These are another thing I’ve mentioned a lot, but one that is still a favorite. Max drinks out of a regular cup most times now at home, but if we are going somewhere or on a walk, these are the cups we take. I find mine at Target in a bunch of different colors and patterns.

Smoothies. He is CRAZY obsessed with smoothies. At home it’s a great way to sneak some spinach into his meal/snack, and when we are out and about he always asks for one. I usually try to find one when we are out made with whole milk, whole milk yogurt, lots of fruit and if there isn’t spinach in the ingredients, I ask them to throw in a handful.

Stonyfield Whole Yogurt Pouches. Still a favorite. He eats at least one a day, first thing every morning.

Crayons, Play Dough and Coloring Books. He LOVES art things. He climbs up on the chair at our kitchen table and asks for crayons almost every day. He also really loves Play Dough (I’ve made our own and also found a vegetable dye one at the Container store as a stocking stuffer. I buy the regular Play Dough though too!) and things like cookie cutters to stamp or cut the dough.

Teepee Tents! Max got two different teepees for his birthday and he loves them so much. He plays in them with all of his cars and some stuffed animals and it’s way too cute.

Nike Air Max Sneaker. I bought these at the Nordstrom anniversary sale last July and they are my favorite sneakers for him. Not only do they look adorable, but they slip right on. No tying or even velcro. And they STAY on!

Hudson Baby Skinny Jeans. I get sooo many questions on Max’s skinny jeans. We have a few pairs from Zara, but the ones we love right now are these baby Hudsons that we found at Nordstrom Rack. I just think he looks so adorable in skinny jeans and we prefer them over any jeans/structured pants from Gap or Old Navy.

Cozy Bear Hat. This has been a life saver this winter! He hates to wear any sort of hat, but loves this bear hat so, so much. He wants to play outside all the time and he will wear this under the hood of his coat. Plus, it’s ADORABLE.

Melissa and Doug Train Table and Wooden Railway Set. In what is perhaps the favorite of all the Christmas gifts, this huge train table keeps Max entertained for HOURS. My brothers had one of these when we were growing up, and I’m so excited Max has one now. He loves it!

Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Trike. This was the first thing Max saw on Christmas morning and it took him at least an hour to even look at any other gifts. He LOVES this. He sits on it to watch a movie, he loves to put his “treasures” in the back bin and I can’t wait until it’s warm enough outside to go around the block!

As far as movies and TV shows, he still isn’t very into watching the TV longer than five minutes. But he does love (like, LOVE!) Daniel Tiger (someone once told me that Daniel Tiger is to toddlers what Justin Bieber was to tweens five years ago, ha!), Sesame Street, Thomas and Disney Pixar Cars (1 & 2), Toy Story (1 & 2) and Despicable Me. Over Christmas we took him to his first movie in a theater (we saw Sing and hello, I loved it!), and he was absolutely wonderful the entire time. He got squirmy about 3/4 of the way through, but he was more amazed by the dark theater and huge screen. I think he would really love it if it was a movie he was familiar with, like Cars.

{none of these items are sponsored and they were all purchased by us or given as gifts by friends/family. there are a few affiliate links above. thank you so much for reading!}