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I’m posting my faves a little early this month since I skipped them in January. I was dying to post them, but time got lost as I finish up the book and before I knew it, it was the middle of February! So here are the things that I’ve been LOVING the first six weeks of 2017.

You Are a Badass Desk Calendar. Erin so graciously gifted this to me last fall and I couldn’t wait until 2017 hit so I could use it. I loved the book so much and if you’re a self help junkie like I am, you’ll love the messages on each day.

The Nourished Planner. Still absolutely loving my planner! I mentioned it more in my first behind the book post. It’s the perfect planner.

The One That Got Away by Bethany Chase. I read this book in one night (and suffered greatly the next day, trust me) because it hooked me so quick. I really loved it and the further away I get from it, I love it even more. Her next book is on my list!

Erickson Woodworks! There is no way I can go through this post without mentioning them because they have made my book experience this time so wonderful. I had a bunch of backgrounds, but after working with Erin for a week, I knew I needed more, so I placed a rush order and had my surfaces in two weeks. If you do anything with food photography, their surfaces are the BEST. I barely bring out my tiles and marble slabs anymore because they are just too small to comfortably shoot.

On that same note, I have the give it to my Canon 5D mark iv… AGAIN. I realize that I’ve been talking about this camera since I bought it in September, but it’s been that life changing for me. You guys know that I loathe the photography process. Having a camera that I love and that’s easy to use has changed the book game for me. The touch screen is SO AMAZING.

It feels ridiculous mentioning this because it’s 75 degrees out today in February. But one of the jackets I got for Christmas is this Blank NYC one and I basically have worn nothing else. At least until it started to feel like summer. Not even spring! Eddie also got me this suede one and I just love it!

Starbucks Cascara Latte. ICED of course. Ahhhh I hate that I love this so much. It’s not overly sweet and is the perfect latte flavor to me.

The Weeknd’s Starboy album. Cannot get enough of this. I actually bought the physical CD because I still think it’s 2001. It’s so good! We’ve also been blasting it as we do cookbook photos.

January and February have been full of mostly black (so I don’t reflect color into my photos as I shoot) yoga clothes (so I can move all over the place, obvs) and the only exception I made is this Treasure and Bond sweatshirt. I’m really loving everything by that brand. It is SO soft, plus it makes me feel like Kelly Kapowski.

The Aura Cacia peppermint oil rollerball. I bought mind at Whole Foods a few months ago and it is so wonderful. I’m the queen of the tension headache and I love having the rollerball with me at all times. It’s so uplifting and just smells so great. I also got my mom one and she loooooves it.

Marc Fisher Adalyne Platform Wedge. SO. I bought a pair of these late last year and LOVE them. Last summer, I wanted a pair of the Chloe ones so badly, but at $600 a piece I just couldn’t do it. When I saw that there were more colors this year (last year I bought mine late and only had one color choice), I went crazy! I love the blue.

Nike Juvenate Sneaker in night maroon. I.am.obsessed. Bought these after Christmas and they are so comfortable and super cute. Every time I wear them, people ask about them!

The iPhone 7 Plus. Eddie surprised me with this on Christmas morning (I had the 6 which was about 1.5 years old, but my camera was shot) and I can’t even express how wonderful it is. I had been debating on switching to the Plus for camera purses but was worried it would be too huge in my hands. It’s not, and the camera is phenomenal. It has a portrait mode that blurs background subjects, and when I send Eddie pics of Max taken with it, he sometimes thinks I used my DSLR! It’s the best. Now I just need to find a case that I love. I sort of want the Lumee case, but it’s not like I ever really take selfies sooooo….

Gilmore Girls! You probably saw this coming, but I HAD to mention it as my favorite TV show this month, 17 years late. I easily blew through the series in January – so fast that I’m rewatching it slowly to make sure I catch every little piece I might have missed. I love it so much. I can’t go to sleep without watching one episode! I feel deprived that I didn’t watch the show in high school, even though I was a serious WB network addict. Also, I think it’s interesting because if I watched it back when it debuted, I would have be roughly the same age as Rory. But watching it now, I am the same age as Lorelai, so I relate to her so much. I just wonder what it would have been like had I watched it back then!

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. i purchased everything myself unless it was a gift from a family member or friend. tell me your faves! there may be a few affiliate links above. love love.]