tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I would be completely thrilled to live my life in Gaga’s sparkle beaded outfit from her opening of the Super Bowl.

2. Oh my gosh. This blood orange winter watercolor cake. She speaks to my heart so, so much.

3. My ritual on the weekend nights right now has been to lock myself in a room and write my next book for hours on end. While this is working since it’s gross and cold outside and I love that I’m not procrastinating like usual, I’m going majorly stir crazy.

4. I work from home. Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.

5. Coffee and I have reunited (thanks to that cascara latte – ugh, why is it so good) and I have to say that the little break I took worked wonders. I no longer feel horrible when I drink it – and I’m still adding a teeny bit of cream. What is coffee without cream? Seriously.

6. So I finished Gilmore Girls AND the revival. While I’m drowning in my depression (wait, for a second I think I was actually LIVING in Stars Hollow, that’s how obsessed I was), I’m looking for a happy, light, funny book to scoop me up and rock me to sleep. I didn’t HATE the revival but it was different. If you read Lauren Graham’s most recent book, she talks about how when the show ended, they got rid of everything since Netflix shows and streaming TV didn’t exist. Everything had to come from scratch. My one question is will Eddie mind if I hang a poster of Luke circa 2004 in our bedroom like I did with Zack Morris as a tween. See also: I might be youtubing fan videos of Luke and Lorelai.

7. Just going to say it: I love the whole athleisure trend because while it’s not different from the stuff I wear daily anyway, now I feel like a normal human doing everything in my workout clothes. But is it just me? Or do you save your GOOD workout clothes for wearing… and not working out. I only work out in the old stuff. Duh.

8. This is so interesting: what happened when I forced myself to wake up at 5am for a month. When I asked you guys a few weeks ago if you set alarms on the weekend, many of you asked why I do that when I have a kid. The short answer is that I want to be up a little earlier to have time to do nothing (truly) by myself. I love the mornings.

9. Favorite commercials from the Super Bowl? I loved a lot of them and they message they were sharing, but I gotta give my fave to Martha Stewart + Snoop. I will never get sick of those two together.