tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you doing anything Valentine-y tonight? We got Max a huuuuuge stuffed puppy (one of the jellycat ones – our fave) and he is absolutely terrified of it. So that’s how our day started out. He was also upset that his “present” was not birthday cake.

2. Is life even serious with these brown butter breadcrumb churro ice cream sundaes?!

3. Last year around this time I think I mentioned the same thing, but I still can’t get behind the socks + heels trend. Is anyone really loving this?

4. On that same note, whyyyy do I wish that I could just order this metallic pink denim mini skirt? The only reason I wish I was 17 again. For the answer to my feelings on #3, see here. I am still a child.

5. So much TV! Oh my gosh, GIRLS thoughts? I didn’t find Hannah as insufferable as I usually do. I am wildly annoyed at Marnie, I still love Shoshanna and I hope that Elijah gets his own spin off. Also loved seeing Riz Ahmed in the show because I loooove him. I’m still incredibly bored with Homeland. I’m petrified of the Walking Dead. I’m rewatching Gilmore Girls because, hello, I live in Stars Hollow.

6. I fell in love with Adele all over again at the Grammy’s. And the color of her dress! Crush.

7. People that finish their workweek on Thursday. YES YES YES.

8. Last week I read the One That Got Away. I wanted something light and mind numbing and this was it! I stayed up until 3AM reading it because I got so hooked. I would rather swim with sharks than stay at a bar until 3AM, but reading a good book until 3AM? I’m there.