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Happy weekend! Keeping it short and sweet because we have a crazzzy busy few days. Hope you guys have a great one!

Favorite links on the internets this week:

oh my gosh. fruity pebbles french toast!!!

this just sounds SO good to me: coconut quinoa coleslaw.

scone sandwiches? i can totally get behind this.

craving these blackened salmon fajitas.

i will always love the classic momofuku birthday cake.

minty chip meringues that are adorable.

still in love with southwestern kale chips.

these hearty blueberry bran muffins look amazing.

these all natural fruit sodas sound ridiculously refreshing.

banana breakfast toasts are always welcome.

really wouldn’t mind having a holographic clock in my office.

this coconut and pistachio pudding cake sounds wonderful.

love the sound of this lemon line granita.

no bake cheesecake dip… 4 ways! whoa whoa whoa.