tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I need nothing else. Cheesy earthquake bread.

2. Okay guys. Very important question. WHAT THE HECK do we eat during our kitchen renovation? I am very stressed out about this. And it’s not even going to be that long – just a few weeks. We aren’t doing anything too massive. But I’m scared of the food/dirty dishes sitch.

3. Shamrock shakes: yes or no? I just cannot. But I definitely won’t turn my nose up at Lucky Charms. Riddle me that.

4. I’m very much dying over the Beauty and the Beast music video. I did not like cartoons or animated movies growing up (I have no idea why, but I don’t even think I’ve seen The Little Mermaid the whole way through. Am I monster?) UNTIL Beauty and the Beast. The song and video are making me weirdly emotional.

5. Ooooh so many good TV things. I am loving Homeland again (finally!) and ugh, was just sick over this week’s episode. Still loving Billions. Loving Big Little Lies… the cast is just so freaking good. and GIRLS!! Oh my gosh. I remember scenes of Hannah filming last year but FORGOT that this was going to be a storyline. And I hate Marnie. What an a-hole.

6. There might be more Gilmore Girls revival episodes? Thoughts?

7. Um, I’ve discovered another youtube genre that I’m obsessed with. BOOK youtube channels! Why have I never watched these before? I love love love them. I haven’t got hooked on any particular channel yet, but I watched a bunch of book reviews on Saturday night (wild life!) before starting a new one.

8. Speaking of, I read Swear on this Life and REALLY liked it.