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Happy weekend! I hope you have a fabulous one, whatever the reason for the celebration is. We have a bunch of fun egg hunts planned for Max and are heading to my brother and sister-in-law’s for brunch on Easter!

Guys! ONE WEEK from today is my meetup in NYC! I hope to see you there!

Internet faves this week:

the best avocado toast breakfast.

matcha iced latte? it’s gorgeous.

how beautiful is this spring lentil salad with burrata?!

chocolate peanut butter avocado brownies. officially dead.

summer get here quick! so i can have a tarragon gin and tonic.

three quick pickled recipes. i love all things pickled!

buffalo wings soup dumpling? amazed.

these moroccan spiced carrots are beauties.

such a pretty rhubarb white chocolate tart.

these scallops with risotto look wonderful.

always love a good paloma.

samoa cheesecake?! sign me up.