tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Kitchen remodel update: we will never be remodeling anything again in our lifetime. HAHAHAHA.

2. Are we over macarons yet? Because I will never be! They are a texture lover’s dream.

3. How awesome are these 15 minute healthy-ish easy lunches/dinners? Adrianna is my forever girl crush.

4. I think I’ve said it every year, but coachella is my worst nightmare. Keep in mind I am generally very boring, old and have the music tastes of a baby boomer. So there’s that.

5. Currently reading Alec Baldwin’s memoir since I have that weirdo crush on him ever since It’s Complicated, aka one of my favorite movies. Seriously, am I just secretly a baby boomer inside? I mean, even his character in that movie shouldn’t exactly make me like him. Anyhoooo, spoiler alert: I’m still in the first third of the book and it’s a bit confusing and wordy to me. And if I’m saying that? Oh boy.

6. Are the rumors true that Starbucks is really releasing a unicorn frappuccino this month? While I want to be excited, if it contains any raspberry or cotton candy flavors… I’m totally out.

7. What the HECK with the GIRLS finale. Right? What did you guys think? I get the whole “this is regular life” thing but it was so uneventful for me and like an excuse to use the nudity warning as much as they could, ha. Last week should have been the real finale. And ooooh Billions? Based on the previews for next week, I can’t wait to see what happens. P.S. did anyone stay up and watch the entire Ten Commandments on Saturday night? I used to love doing this when I was a kid.

8. My favorite Easter present that Max received might just be the 64 pack of crayola chalk from Target. He has really gone through the 48 pack from last year, and like the excessive millennial that I am, I figured WHY NOT a 68 pack!? I don’t know how we survived without violet-red on our driveway.

9. Super interesting: instagram still isn’t snapchat. I still prefer snapchat, but never use it because (I forget and) instagram is so easy all in one app.

10. Magazine junkies unite! I’m in need of new subscriptions and wondering what your favorites are? Food and others.