DIY A Floral Chandelier

DIY floral chandelier I

So maybe you’re not feeling the most confident when it comes to your flower arranging skills. If you’ve got a big brunch looming (or a bridal shower! or a summer cocktail party! yes yes!) here’s a floral display that will wow. It’s a little bit country and a little bit May pole, but it’s easy to do and totally fabulous. Instead of sticking your fresh blooms in a vase, hang them up instead. Here’s how!

What you’ll need:
-fresh flowers (long varieties like Snapdragons or Delphinium)
-an embroidery hoop
-floral shears
-fishing line
-a needle


1. Carefully cut the flowers down to size so they’re all even looking and would look good strung up on the embroidery hoop.


2. Attach four ribbons at an equal distance around the hoop . Gather them at the top so you can hang the hoop from the ceiling.

DIY floral chandelier I

3. Thread the needle with a piece of fishing line. It should be about six inches long. Poke the needle through the stem of your flower and then tie the fishing line around the top of embroidery hoop so the stem hangs down. Adjust the length of the fishing line then tie.

DIY floral chandelier I

4. Repeat until you’ve covered the entire embroidery hoop with flowers.

5. To fill in any gaps hang ribbon in complementary colors.

DIY floral chandelier I