tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Who else feels like the month is just RIGHT when it starts out on a Monday? I will forever be a Monday-starting person.

2. Really can’t get over this rhubarb italian cream soda.

3. Sometimes I wish so badly that I could be a travel blogger/vlogger (hello, how fun would that be!) but it’s not even possible since I’m a normal person with a husband with a normal job and a babe! I’m going to dream though.

4. Not going to lie… I might have spent 15 minutes reading tweets from the frye festival this weekend. That cheese sandwich though.

5. Apparently AOL instant message turned 20 years old and when I saw that, I just recoiled in major embarrassment over the things I used to put in my profile. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say at one point it included Rascal Flatts lyrics.

6. What to do when all your productivity hacks fail you. I love the ideas of batch tasks, but taking all the breaks you need? Hello, who will do my work. If I did that, my entire day would be one big break!

7. HOW GOOD WAS BILLIONS?! Oh my gosh. I thought that was the best episode of the series, period. On Saturday night, Eddie was up until 4am watching Vice on HBO and 13 Reasons Why. I have stayed away from it because ever since I had Max, I find it impossible to watch TV that isn’t overly happy or comedic – anything else just makes me anxious. I’m watching it though, like you all told me to, and agree it’s so good.

8. If you need a good cry, you must watch this video. The little boy, Andrew, mentioned in the video is from my town and I cannot stop watching this and bawling my eyes out.

9. What were some of the crazy Met gala looks you liked last night? I love Blake Lively, because DID YOU SEE THE BOTTOM. I thought Ashley Graham’s dress was cool too! And Kate Hudson. And Candice Swanepoel. And J Lo. And Lupita Nyong’o. And Gisele. Of course.