tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I can’t get enough of this rose cake. STUNNING.

2. As soon as I turn in the manuscript for this next book (like, in a few days!), I’m in full blown planting mode. You might remember that last year I bought these planters but they were so backordered, they didn’t come until July. Eddie put two together this weekend and they are going to be so perfect for tons of herbs and all the guacamole veggies. (<- the only ones that really matter, right?)

3. Whyyyy do I find it necessary to hold onto old calendars, planners and notebooks? I just can’t get rid of them.

4. Six reasons you’re not getting what you want. Helllllo #5. 

5. So I think all the shows we love to watch are over now, but how freaking amazing was that Billions finale? I sound like a broken record but Damien Lewis is insaaaane. So is Paul Giamatti. So good! Now I can’t wait for Bloodline to come back… and House of Cards. Maybe.

6. Scratch that, I actually have been re-watching Felicity while shooting some recipes in my little nook as I wait for the end of the kitchen remodel. I forgot the rebellious things Felicity does in season one, like (re)writing Ben’s paper and looking at Elena’s record.

7. We all have some sort of sickness in this house which has me resorting to drinking TEA (aka, dirty water) since my throat hurts so bad. My usual tricks of constant apple cider vinegar and what no haven’t worked! I also ate a popsicle for dinner last night, so there’s that.

8. One of the best reads in a long time: learning this new self.