BEHOLD. It’s the start of summer salads!

grilled corn, tomato & avocado salad with chimichurri I

Also known as, one of my most favorite things ever. Give me all the grilled corn, tomato and avocado and drench it in a good shower of chimichurri. I am ONE happy camper. Lots of herbs too. Some cheese for good measure.

This is seriously how I can eat vegetables like a normal human. I mean, maybe a normal human doesn’t have to smother them in chimichurri and goat cheese, but if not, then I prefer to be abnormal.

grilled corn, tomato & avocado salad with chimichurri I


I am such a huge chimichurri fan. I make it for this amazing flank steak all the time, but the first time I used it on a salad was last year and ohhhh my heavens. It is GOOD. It’s like a more potent vinaigrette and if you’re into super briney and tart things like I am? You’ll love it to pieces.

grilled corn, tomato & avocado salad with chimichurri I

Plus, we have creepily-thin sliced avocado. Seriously, what else does your Monday need?

You don’t have to slice your avocado like a creep though – not unless you have a food blog and feed off of other avocado lovers’ comments. You know. Normal life things.

grilled corn, tomato & avocado salad with chimichurri I

This salad is so freaking simple. It’s one of those embarrassingly simple recipes that tastes fantastic once the chimichurri is thrown on top. You can make the chimichurri ahead of time (the night before! the day before!) and assemble the salad right before serving. Grill some ears of corn for that sweet and caramely flavor.

Grab some super sweet cherry tomatoes that almost taste like candy. Don’t you hate when people say that about vegetables? Me too.

grilled corn, tomato & avocado salad with chimichurri I

Throw some super soft butter lettuce on your plate and top it all off with some creamy goat cheese. I crumbled humboldt fog on top because it’s the best cheese in the universe. It’s an excellent lunch salad but also a really good weekend salad. AND. You can totally add some chicken if you want! Or steak!

And then you serve it to all of your friends and DEVOUR. BFF’s for life.

grilled corn, tomato & avocado salad with chimichurri I

Grilled Corn, Tomato and Avocado Salad with Chimichurri

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  • 4 slices butter lettuce
  • 4 campari tomatos halved
  • 1/2 pint cherry tomatoes halved
  • 2 ears of sweet corn grilled
  • 1 avocado thinly sliced
  • salt and pepper for sprinkling
  • 2 to 4 ounces goat cheese chevre, like humboldt fog
  • fresh basil and oregano for sprinkling



  • To grill the corn, rub the ears with the olive oil. Lately, I’ve been grilling my corn without the husks on, tied at the bottom, and without foil, so it takes only a few minutes. Place the ears on the grill and cook until the corn is golden or charred – whichever you prefer – turning the ears as you go. Remove them from the grill and let cool slightly, then slice the kernels off the cob.
  • Arrange the salad by placing the butter lettuce on the plate with some tomatoes, sliced avocado and corn – however you’d like! Be sure to season everything with a small sprinkle of salt and pepper as you go. Drizzle on some spoonfuls of chimichurri. Sprinkle on the goat cheese and add the fresh herbs, then add another drizzle of chimichurri. Serve immediately.


  • Combine the parsley, cilantro, oregano and garlic in a food processor and pulse until small leaves and pieces remain. Add in the vinegar and pulse once more. With the processor going, stream in the olive oil and mix until just combined. Stir in the salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Taste and season additionally if needed. Store sealed in the fridge for up to a week or so!

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grilled corn, tomato & avocado salad with chimichurri I

And like usual, more room for cookies!