Looking for the colorful glass vases that perfectly match your color scheme or tablescape? Create your own in the span of an afternoon. It’s pretty easy, it just takes a little bit of patience and the right paint colors. The best part about this craft? Because the paint goes inside the bottles the outside looks smooth and doesn’t have that crafty-vibe, ya know? Love these!

What you’ll need: 
-glass jars
-acrylic craft paint
-a plastic syringe
-plastic container
-wire rack


1. Start out by picking your paint colors. I love the Martha Stewart craft paints. They come in a variety of colors and always work so well. I think I have a bottle of every color! Using colors in the same family looks great with this project.

2. Mix together 3/4 of the bottle of the craft paint with just a little water in a plastic container. You want to thin out the paint so it’s easier to get it into the bottle.

3. Suck up the paint mixture into your syringe and then gently squeeze it into the inside of the bottle. Be sure to carefully coat the neck and the entire inside of the bottle.

4. Once there is enough paint inside each bottle, gently rotate the bottle in your hands until the inside is completely covered.

5. Place the bottle upside down on your wire rack and let the excess paint drain out. Once the excess is drained, wipe the mouth of the bottle or any drips that might have formed.

6. Repeat for each individual color, rinsing your syringe and bowl between each new color. Let the inside dry completely before using.

7. Enjoy! Place single blossoms or a sprig of flowers in each. It makes for a high impact arrangement without having to arrange too much.