24 week update and pregnancy favorites I howsweeteats.com

I can’t even believe that I’m already at the 24 week mark! At the same time it feels like I’ve been pregnant for a really long time. The whole thing is really nuts. And on the other hand, I don’t think I’ve even processed that we are bringing home a new babe in just a few months!

In short, I have been feeling amazing! So thankful. I am sooo insanely grateful that the horrible sickness part did go away, because it was so much worse this time that I really thought it would be here to stay. I’ve been feeling pretty awesome since around 15 weeks. Lots of energy and stuff and just generally feel… normal. It’s been pretty similar to my pregnancy with Max in that I feel good (basically, the same as when I’m not pregnant) and haven’t had any issues.

And one other thing that has been the same is that I just am not hungry. I eat so much less when I’m pregnant that it is WEIRD. It’s odd. I can’t take one extra taste or bite and my appetite is occasionally nonexistent. I’m rarely hungry at night too. I remember writing about this whole situation in 2014 and hoping that the intuitive eating would stick around long after I had Max. It did in a way, but breastfeeding brought upon hunger and thirst like I had NEVER experienced before! I think I finally got hungry with Max around 34 or 35 weeks.

So what else!

We had our anatomy ultrasound and I’m always so anxious before that. Everything appears to be good and nope, we still didn’t find out the gender. A teeeeeny part of me was hoping that the tech would slip and say “he” or “she” – hahahaha! But I am so excited about not finding out again. It was just the best feeling!

24 week update and pregnancy favorites I howsweeteats.com

While I still don’t feel as strongly about the gender in this pregnancy as I did with Max, I’m leaning towards boy. I think Eddie is also leaning towards boy. Max STILL only says it’s a girl. And that he is naming her Pink. No matter when or where we ask, who asks him – it’s always a girl named Pink. My sister-in-law is due any day now with my neice, so I’m sure Max’s girl thoughts will be even stronger when he sees a baby girl! Heh.

He is so freaking sweet about the baby. He kisses the baby constantly and asks to “snuggle the baby” a lot which basically means he throws himself across my stomach. He is still so cuddly and wonderful and I am already having some sad feelings about not being able to cuddle him as much come October. I’ve been waiting for these feelings to come because truly for my entire life, my mom talked about how she cried while pregnant with my brother because she didn’t think there was any way she could love another baby as much. She has talked about this since I was a kid so I always wondered about that with myself.

While everything else is pretty normal, I feel like my stomach is already as big as it was when I had Max! My mom and Eddie swear that it’s not but I just started showing so much earlier that it is crazzzzzy.

Otherwise, this is a rather boring update because all is good. I understand now when people say that they “forget” that they are pregnant with the second. I haven’t really forgot, but I am so distracted with Max that time is FLYING. We have been horrible about taking any pictures of the bump (um I don’t think we’ve taken ONE!) and generally are so much more relaxed. And I am still attributing this to the no-spotting thing I mentioned in my first post. Also, I did end up feeling the baby move a few weeks earlier and it NEVER STOPS. I love this feeling so much.

Anyhoo – I’ve just really been trying to live up each day with Max and enjoy these days when it’s just the two of us!

Oh oh oh also, I’m not really buying anything since we don’t know the gender and have everything from before, however I am going to get a new car seat and a double stroller. But that’s it! Maybe a few cute soft onesies we love.

Now… on to some pregnancy favorites!

When it comes to clothes, I bought two maternity dresses months ago and have been generally avoiding most maternity sections. I have a lot of nice maternity wear since I did my book signing while pregnant, that I don’t need anything else. The problem is that most of it is for fall and way too hot for the moment. I’ve bought a few new tanks and ended up splurging on a pair of AG jeans that I LOVE even though a few years ago I wrote about never finding maternity jeans. Here’s a list of what I’ve been loving!

Lululemon Align Crop. I have started to like other leggings more than Lulu’s, but have found NOTHING to compare to the Align ones. They are so soft, feel like butter – actually, feel like nothing. I have lots of the full leggings but with it being hot, I’ve been working out in the capris or just living in them constantly.

ASOS Floral Midi Dress. I bought two of these back in the beginning of April because I felt like I had popped, and that was a joke because I couldn’t really wear them until the end of April, and even then they were still big in the belly area. I LOVE THESE. They are super stretchy, sort of bodycon-ish but not tight. Very flattering. Also, every single time I wear them, people ask me if it’s a Ted Baker dress. Super comfy and amazing. And priced nicely. I found that these run a bit big and have the pink in a size 8 and the black in a size 6 and am regularly a size medium for most things when I’m not pregnant.

Athleta Pura Tanks. You might remember that during my last pregnancy, I feel in love with tanks from Athleta. They have since discontinued the ones that I love, but I recently got a few of these ones and love them just as much! I just get them in size L which is plenty stretchy enough. They are super long too.

AG Secret Fit Legging Ankle Jeans. This was a huge splurge (I don’t even have regular jeans that are this expensive!) I made after my SIL absolutely RAVED about these. I love them so much. I don’t know why I wasn’t into them the first time around. There are only two things that I don’t love: 1. I like high-waisted jeans the best, which I obvi can’t wear at the moment, and it really feels weird having the jeans stop super low and the belly panel coming up high and 2. when the panel comes up so high, it’s visible through form fitting tanks and tees and I hate that. So I’ve been layering one tank under another or a t-shirt so you can’t see the band or line.

A Pea in a Pod A-Line Maternity T-shirts. I grabbed a few of these a couple months ago for lounging and long work days (in the kitchen! Ha! I get dirty.) and absolutely love them. They are really soft and I tie them up at the side like I did in the 90s because that’s how they had them on the mannequin and it was super cute. These run really big so I have them in size S.

My Adidas Ultraboost X Sneakers. GAH! I realize I have talked about these so, so, SO much over the last few months, but the support that these shoes give is insane. One thing I notice immediately when I get pregnant is that I just need more support in general when doing really long recipe development days. I’m usually on my feet for 12 hours and pretty tired at the end, so I’ve been living in these. Also wearing them for regular workouts, long walks and long mall trips. Ha! Most comfortable shoes EVER.

Garden of Life Raw Code Prenatal. This is what I took with Max but wanted to mention it again since I’ve got lots of questions about which one I take. It’s a raw food vitamin and has never made me feel sick. Only downside is that you’re supposed to take THREE of them a day, they are huge and I have major pill anxiety and a horrible gag reflex. I choke on them at least once a week. I loathe taking pills.

Kevita Master Brew Kombucha! I’ve been struggling with loving coffee this time around and generally just don’t want it. But I still need a little boost! I love the Kevita Kombucha because it has a little caffeine and it doesn’t give me that crash later. I get a lot of questions about drinking kombucha while pregnant, but I’ve been drinking it for at least 10 years and my doctor okay-ed it the first time around. I usually only drink half a bottle, maybe every other day.

So that’s it for now! Nothing too exciting… even though WE are very excited! I’d love to hear about maternity things you are loving or how you are doing in your pregnancy. XO!

{This post is not sponsored and anything mentioned is something I have purchased myself! There are a few affiliate links above. Thanks for reading! xoxo}