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I’m super struggling coming back to reality this weekend when we leave our vacation. Have you ever had a vacation that didn’t leave you feeling relaxed? YES. That is this. So good but also so weird and Eddie feels the same and we can’t figure out whyyyy.

Seriously excited that it’s a holiday weekend/week though! I love the 4th of July, even though inside my anxious brain it makes me feel like the summer is almost over (yeah I’m the worst). What are your plans for the 4th?

Later this weekend I’ll have up my beauty and lifestyle favorites, so keep your eyes peeled! Annnd I included five of my favorite (of course) summer recipes below!

Faves of the week:

alllll the popsicles for popsicle week, with some of my faves mentioned below.

super into these chipotle deviled eggs!

freaking lemon bar popsicles. AH.

whoa. these grilled meatball chimichurri sandwiches are incredible.

chocolate banana tahini pops sound amazing.

holy insane: bacon double cheeseburgers. WOW.

totally trying this creamy corn small batch soup.

coconut cake with coconut meringue frosting… yes!

these tuna avocado boats sound like the best lunch.

also want a few vegan salted caramel chocolate pops. omg.

love the sound of this gnocchi puttanesca.

amazing poppy seed cake… and more pops.

Summer recipes for your weekend!

fresh peach gin and tonic I

fresh peach gin and tonic. this is one word: REFRESHING.

grilled baby back ribs with homemade root beer BBQ sauce I

grilled baby back ribs with root beer BBQ sauce. da best.

sweet corn, zucchini and fresh mozzarella pizza I

sweet corn, zucchini and fresh mozzarella pizza. making it this weekend!

summer BBQ chicken quinoa I

summer BBQ chicken quinoa salad. makes lunch and dinner fun.

roasted basil butter parmesan shrimp I

roasted basil butter parmesan shrimp. serious oldie but goodie.