Below you can find all the non-beauty items that I’ve been loving in June. Lots more to come in July! Let me know what you’re loving below. Especially books! xoxo

The Identicals! SO GOOD. Ahhh. I read Elin Hilderbrand’s new book and finished while on vacation (with the B&N version that has a bonus chapter at the end) and just loved it so much. Such a good story. Definitely my favorite book of the entire month! If you guys are still searching for things to read, check out my summer reading list.

La Colombe Draft Coffee. My cousin told me about this coffee and how great it was over ice. I ended up grabbing one while running errands one day (I’ve been mostly off coffee and not feeling it lately!) and drank it straight. I’ve been in LOVE with it ever since! I love having them on hand if we are going somewhere in the morning. And it IS great over ice. My favorite is the vanilla, but I refrain from buying it often since I really don’t need a ton of sugar in a drink. I’d rather eat my sugar. YOU KNOW. I really want to try the coconut milk version of this too.

Another drink that I’m still loving (and always loving) is the Kevita Masterbrew Kombucha. The lavender melon flavor is my current fave. I have been replacing my coffee in the morning with this and while I’ve drank it for years, can’t seem to stop raving about it.

For my TV favorite this past month, I have to give it to Bloodline even though I was sort of disappointed with the ending. I just LOVE watching the show (and hello, Kyle Chandler) so much and was still so invested in the storyline. I wish it could continue and that it hadn’t really jumped the shark, but I still like the show and think it’s binging capabilities are great.

Luluka Disc Lariat Necklace. I’ve bought necklaces from this brand on etsy before and love them SO much. This is the one I’ve most recently purchased and I’ve just been living in it. I’ve mentioned before that these are similar to the super pricey Lana Jewelry line, which I adore. I definitely believe in investing in jewelry (especially at my age, ha!), but when it’s so delicate and something I’d like to wear every day, I just can’t justify that price when babies/toddlers would be grabbing it and ripping it off my neck. This one is SO pretty and everyone asks about it!

This was the month of some new pajamas for me. I grabbed a few things from Gap Body when they were having a sale and always forget how soft and wonderful their stuff is. I love these scoop neck camis and basically everything from the pure body collection. I also LOVE these crop pajama pants from Target which would normally not be anything I’d buy, but grabbed on a whim. They are so comfortable and soft!

Lilly Pulitzer Sloan V Neck Dress. My sister-in-law wore this dress for her baby shower and looked amazing. I don’t need any maternity clothes because I have a ton from when I was pregnant with Max since I went on my book tour at that time. However, they are mostly fall clothes. I still love regular clothes from lululemon and athleta and can make most of those things work at this point. I bought this dress in a different print in midi version (that now I can’t find to link!) and it’s SO stretchy and wonderful. Lilly stuff is so long that it’s also nearly a maxi on me. I love that I can wear it now but can easily wear it next summer and when I’m not pregnant too! When I posted this on insta stories, so many of you asked about it. The colors are just bright and fun and perfect for summer.

Ambitious Kitchen’s Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies. I cannot even tell you how much we love these. We make them ALLLLL the time. No, we are not paleo but something about the cookies is just so good. They don’t taste like a traditional chocolate chip cookie but they are delicious. I love the texture from the almond flour. Also, they are VERY filling – like one cookie is very filling.

This Elan V Back Cover Up. This isn’t something I’d probably buy when not pregnant, but figure it would be the perfect cover up since it’s flowly and free. I like having a maxi dress swimsuit cover up option and the one I’ve been using is probably close to ten years old from Target and practically falling apart. It’s the one with the ruffles at the top that I bet many of you have, haha. Anyhoo, I love this Elan one and it’s SO comfortable. It does run really big though!

Marc Fisher Wedges. Pretty sure I have mentioned this three or four times in my favorites in 2017 but these shoes are SO COMFORTABLE. I can wear these for hours, walk in them comfortably and not feel like I’m going to fall on my face. I just love them so, so much. I also really like how they look with jeans too, though I’ve mostly worn them with dresses.

This perfect panzanella salad. This is the BEST traditional tuscan panzanella salad I’ve ever had. In fact, I’m making it for dinner again tonight. We adore it and it’s great for summer tomatoes.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. i purchased everything myself unless it was a gift from a family member or friend. tell me your faves! there may be a few affiliate links above. love love.]