1. I’ve seriously been considering doing the whole online grocery order + pick up option, but I weirdly ENJOY goig to the grocery store. Max loves going too. But I do dread the large grocery shops I do for big recipe development days. However, I’m also super picky about fresh herbs and lettuce that I pick. How do I know that I’m going to get the best ones?!

2. LOVE these 5 ingredient energy balls. I’ve made a ton before but never with these ingredients!

3. Since I have no life and am the most boring (read: basic too) person on the planet, let’s discuss Target self checkout. I looooathe Target self checkout. I do not go to Target so I can check myself out. I want the full blown #momlife experience. I use self-checkout at my own grocery store, but at Target? No. They forced me to use it last week and I want to boycott the store.

4. Also, all these new brands coming to Target! I’m excited. Guess the boycott won’t last.

5. Pretty sure that my tomato plants have strangled my jalapeño peppers. They are out of CONTROL.

6. I haven’t been watching any TV this week (I KNOW) so I started rewatching The Affair. And I also rewatched some old True Blood episodes after hearing that Nelsan Ellis who played Lafayette died. So sad, I loved him! I’m also debating watching The Handmaid’s Tale but am terrified and afraid it will give me nightmares. I am a child.

7. The best beach towns for food lovers! I love this post – and we’re still planning on heading somewhere next month for a little trip!

8. I mentioned this in my vacation post, but I’m reallllly not into sweets at the moment and do you know how bad it is? I got ice cream four different times on vacation because everyone else was getting it and I wanted to want it… and ended up tossing each one after a few bites. SO WEIRD.

9. Are you going crazy today for amazon prime day?! I’ve always found it to be a pretty big letdown in the past, but I secretly want to get an amazon echo and these packing cubes. AND!!! You guys can get a copy of Seriously Delish for under $14!! However, my heart is obviously with the Nordstrom anniversary sale that starts later this week. I CAN’T WAIT.