1. I’m officially in loooove with the Trader Joe’s coconut cold brew! In fact, it’s like 11:30 at night right now and I wish I could have some. On another note, the basil, burrata and sweet corn ravioli I got from TJ’s was super… gross. I was so unimpressed. Ugh. Need to recreate it and make it better!

2. This raspberry arugula salad is basically the prettiest thing I’ve ever seem.

3. All of a sudden I really want to start burning fall candles. Ugh, hate myself. I don’t want it to be fall, but I want some apple cider in my kitchen like whoa.

4. Last week I tried one of sunscreen face mists and it was the worst decision of my life. Even though I closed my eyes and used one or two sprays, it ran into my eyes all day long and I was the most miserable person on earth. Have you tried one you love? 

5. Okay I have a new show that I’m about to binge on: Younger! I never hear any of you talk about it sooo… have you watched it?! And yes, Eddie watches Game of Thrones but I just caaaan’t get into it. Except for Ed Sheeran’s part, bahaha. I watched with with him but… meh. Worst taste in the universe, right?

6. I’m curious: do you believe in writer’s block? I’ve read a lot of great things lately from popular authors who don’t believe in it. And based on myself, I don’t think I believe in it either. I know I procrastinate and get lazy and that keeps me from writing – generally not having enough discipline at times is what makes me “think” I have writer’s block, but it’s totally an excuse.

7. Yesterday I saw that the crying/laughing face (tears of joy) was the most popular emoji. It’s probably the one I use the most too. What is yours?!

8. Your response to our huge announcement yesterday was so incredible and made me so happy! THANK YOU so, so much! You make my life.