1. Every year, I get wildly excited about Shark Week because I think it’s going to be like how Shark Week was when I was a kid. And then I watch a computer generated shark and I’m like whaaaaat.

2. All about the rosé obsession and why we lose our mind over it. For me, personally, I just like the taste better than any red or white!

3. One thing I loathe doing is prepping super far ahead for my content on my blog, especially for the next season. I’m totally the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants person, write my posts the morning of – but I have to do a little bit of work ahead of time this year since I’ll be having another babe. TELL ME: what do you want to see!

4. After all of my bragging about my tomatoes, they’ve sort of bit the dust. I mean, I still have a bunch of them left but a few of the plants starting growing in insane ways, breaking off, and I have no idea how to control that when I already have the cages securing them. Help me!

5. I forgot about one show that we love that started back this week: Ballers! Sort of reminds me of Entourage in a way and I will forever be team Vincent Chase.

6. With finishing up my cookbook and trying to keep everything straight the first six months of this year, I totally failed at my bullet journal which is one of my favorite things to keep up with. But! My friend Rachel has an amazing book coming out on the process and I’m going to tell you about it and start back up Aug 1. This second half of the year always rejuvenates me again anyway. Normally I’d just do it today, but if you’re familiar with the bullet journal process, it sort of works on a month-by-month basis.

7. This also makes me want to grab all the neon school supplies that are out at Target but I mean, I HAVE to get over that at this point, right?! How much longer can I pretend that I’m still 13.

8. I’m still losing my mind over the nordstrom anniversary sale and have a ridiculous amount of shoes and coats at home that I have to decide on. And dresses! It’s so hard to decide while pregnant.