Hello hello! I’m writing this from Maine and am totally in looooove with it so far. We’re taking a little babymoon (plus Max, because he’s too much fun to leave behind) at the last possible minute (seriously I am huge and have no idea how I can fit any more weeks in this belly) and having so much fun. I’ll be sure to share more in a few days! What are you guys up to this weekend?! Tell me tell me!

If you’re winding down the summer with school starting, here are 3 can’t-miss treats that I made for Crate and Barrel. Um, it includes a BLUEBERRY COBBLER COCKTAIL! Yes.

p.s. Later this week, be on the lookout for my monthly favorites! Woohoo.

Favorites of the week:

most gorgeous pesto pizza with balsamic chicken and peaches. HELLO.

this butter roasted whole cauliflower is one i actually want to eat!

one stunning stone fruit cucumber salad.

and this grilled stone fruit sundae! whoa.

this southwestern veggie burger is everything.

charred watermelon cheese wedges are right up my alley.

this asian salmon chopped salad sounds fantastic.

the prettiest plum nectarine pistachio upside down cake.

iced tea with fancy ice! how fun.

this mexican green salad?! i want to drink the dressing!

better than brownies chocolate cookies. i can’t.