1. It’s completely crazy that it is already August and I’m still steadily making it through my summer reading list! What book are you on right now? Last night, I started Forks, Knives and Spoons.

2. These fresh crispy salmon burrito bowls are one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen. Mad craving. Mad.

3. This past weekend I did a major clean out of our linen closet in our master bathroom and found Excedrin that expired in 2012. Like what? We didn’t even live here in 2012! Why did we even move that? Cannot even tell you the other ridiculous things I found.

4. I’ve become so weirdly obsessive at the moment about planning ahead and I’ve never been like this in my life. It’s is so odd and must be some crazy form of nesting. Isn’t it too early for that?! I’ve found myself bingeing on minimalist videos even though I think we can ALL agree I will never be a minimalist.

5. Speaking of not being a minimalist, can we discuss why someone would need a taco truck bag? I mean, I love tacos. But I cannot.

6. However, I know nothing because my inner Kelly Kapowski is pretty excited that all these shirts are coming into style with knots tied on the bottom of them.

7. Do you have an at-home desk that you LOVE and that has tons of storage? I die over the beautiful desks that are all pretty and clear acrylic and white and all that jazz, but I need drawers and stuff to actually have storage.

8. Still haven’t been solidly watching any TV shows, but I did watch Girl on the Train finally… and can’t decide if I liked it. I was also doing ten million things while watching it because I’m the worst, so that could be why. We also caught Keeping Up with the Joneses on HBO which was semi-hilarious at parts. I just miss some weekly Jon Hamm.

9. I’m pretty sure that I’ve written for years about my disdain for talking on the phone. It was probably the first millennial trait I displayed, as I used to talk on the phone for HOURS to my cousin and friends in middle school. Like I wanted nothing more than my own phone line (why?!) and that clear phone with the colorful wires running through it. So I am finding this article super interesting: what happened when I replied to every email with “call me.”