1. Have you ever made homemade waffle cones? I am dying to do so. One of my first jobs at 16 was at an ice cream place and I burnt the heck out of my fingers each time making the waffle cones, but the smell was so amazing and has stuck with me. I need a waffle press or something, right?

2. Could I be any more in love with this magic butterfly pea lemonade?! Whoa.

3. Okay major question: do you sort and match ALL of your socks? You know how the laundry ghost makes certain socks disappear? Well if I don’t have matching ones by the time I’m putting laundry away, I will match some that are *close enough.* I realize this gives people major anxiety.

4. We booked a last minute trip to Maine! We’re so ridiculously excited so give me alllll your recommendations please. We’re staying in Portland. What should we do and most importantly, EAT?! 

5. Over the weekend we started binging on Ozark on Netflix. I am LOVING it. Eddie really likes it too. I was not a huge fan of Breaking Bad (yes I know, I should be excommunicated from the universe for saying so) but love this. And I started watching Friends From College too and really love it. Still watching Ballers and Insecure on Sunday nights, but that’s about it!

6. Also, I can’t get enough of all of the Princess Diana specials. The day she died my mom was so upset and I find it so interesting to see and hear more about her right now.

7. On raising creativity… I love this! I have worked so hard on my mindset when it comes to Max and letting him make creative messes and be a kid. My mom never freaked out if we made a mess when I think back to it. So I let him help me cook, draw, paint, get muddy, covered in dirt, play with dough in tons of flour and just clean it up later. And I don’t remember the cleaning part.

8. Speaking of, what is your all-time favorite pen? As a major pen-and-paper person, I still can’t find one I LOVE right now. I’ve been keeping up with my bullet journal (yes, a post is finally coming with it!) and I use the Staedtler fineliners for that, but I don’t omglove them for general writing. You know?