Hellllo weekend.

I usually have no problem waiting to start pumpkin and all that jazz until autumn is OFFICIAL. Like towards the end of September. But there is something in the air this year – literally, actually, because it’s already so chilly here – that has me decorated for fall, creating recipes past Thanksgiving and generally CRAVING all things pumpkin. I’m annoyed with myself but loving it.

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend and hoping if you’re in Irma’s path, you stay safe! xoxo

p.s. I shared a recap of our trip to Maine this past week.

Favorites of the week:

craving this arugula pesto zoodle bowl!

melty baked brie with honey and figs. cheese forever please.

a plate of carolina style ribs that i want to devour.

omg! this concord grape blackberry fizz. i can’t.

and! DIY frosé juice pouches! save this for next year,

this coconut ginger ice cream sounds like my dream.

love the sound of grilled tomatillo salsa.

i’ll take one of these healthy taco bowls.

buckeye bark?! i could eat this whole thing.

so interested in this zucchini lasagna + ricotta!

this creamy chicken gnocchi soup is major comfort food.

caprese egg breakfast cups? i’m in.

a super pretty butternut squash quinoa salad.