1. Today I’m shooting a big Thanksgiving feast and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been looking forward to this for weeks just so we can eat Thanksgiving for dinner tonight.

2. Even though right now I’d do anything for one of these espresso chocolate chip cookies.

3. I got sucked into the hype of Rhianna’s new beauty line on Sunday night and watched approximately 15 youtube videos about it and then proceeded to order a bunch of items from the line. OH MY GOSH this makeup line looks amazing. So pumped for it.

4. Speaking of shopping, this past weekend I went into an At Home store for the first time. Um… holy brain overload. Do you have one of these stores? It was so incredibly overwhelming and awesome at the same time. Max fell in love with a rainbow Christmas tree and asked if we could put it in his “big boy room.”

5. Did you watch The Deuce that just started on HBO this past week? Also, can we discuss how I’m super excited to watch Dancing with the Stars because I’m a forever Nick Lachey fan? Lachey lifer.

6. iPhone 8 – are you doing it now or waiting? Eddie has this theory that the minute Apple releases a new iPhone, they screw with the current software and make you think you need a new phone. I’ve only had my 7plus since Christmas but I feel like it’s already starting to go. What the heck!

7. 36 websites that will change your life. I definitely got stuck in this article for a 20 minutes.

8. A recent Trader Joes find for me that is both life-ruining and life-changing: the Belgian chocolate pudding. I think a few of you told me about this a couple of months ago and let’s just say that you are brilliant.

9. p.s. if you didn’t see it yet, I’m sharing an 8th year blogging anniversary giveaway!