1. My obsession with apple season is out of control. We’re headed apple picking this weekend and I can’t even wait – you would think I am the child in this family.

2. Super chewy no-bake granola bars. I’m always looking for the best ones!

3. Okay so this is my 325th (!!!) Tuesday Things post and I KNOW that I’ve mentioned this before, but whyyyy does Starbucks put whipped cream on the iced pumpkin spice latte?! It’s so gross because the whipped cream curdles into the coffee. You probably saw me complaining about it on insta stories this weekend but not having enough of a backbone to ask them to remove it after I’d already asked for “no whip.” GET A BACKBONE, note to self.

4. I mean, Martha, this is pretty funny. And true.

5. Absolutely love this article about working at Trader Joes. Sounds great!

6. Remember when Friday night TGIF was on TV and it was so good? Full House, Family Matters, all that jazz? I lived for those shows as a tween. Can we get something like that now?

7. Love this. Being organized is a gift I give myself and others. Except right now I am a disorganized MESS.

8. I can’t stop going to Target and looking through the fall decor even though I’m semi-disappointed with it this year. I love decorating for fall because you can have stuff up for like three full months but when it comes to just Halloween stuff, it comes down in November.

9. Being that I know nothing about fashion (other than give me all the neon and denim things, still, in 2017), I wonder what is says about me that my favorite Emmy looks were Thandie Newton, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Edie Falco and Robin Wright Penn. Of course I also loved Zoe Kravitz’s dress because um HELLO DID YOU SEE IT. Also the entire cast of Stranger Things. I’m either 55 years old or 12. Which is it.