1. How absolutely stunning are these pumpkin crepes with whipped mascarpone? WANT.

2. I can hardly contain my excitement since This Is Us returns tonight. I’m also petrified of bawling my eyes out the entire time. In the meantime, I’ve felt like feeling some horrific secondhand embarrassment so I’ve been watching the newest season of Fuller House while editing photos.

3. Here’s a look at a week of my favorite dinners with the kitchn. And my cutie Max!

4. I’m so weirdly interested in people’s daily routines and also love Jo Malone, so this is my read this week. Also, if you’d like to indulge me and list your daily routine below (wow don’t I sound like a stalker), I’d be ever so interested!

5. We went apple picking on Saturday and it was 90 degrees and the hottest I’ve ever been in my life. Like I can’t even EXPLAIN how hot!

6. While I’m on the subject of complaining, last week I had to have my first root canal ever after chipping that tooth on a croissant and while it wasn’t horrible (aside from being in a DECLINED position on my back during this last month of pregnancy omg), I wasn’t in any pain before and now I can’t even chew. I’ve been really fun the last few days.

7. Over the last few days there has been SO many beauty products on sale at Nordstrom – my beauty faves will come later this week, but I wanted to mention it in case the sale ends! I like the Nordstrom sales better than the Sephora VIB sale because even though it’s a little less (15% vs 20%), you get Nordstrom notes to spend, whereas Sephora just gives you points that I rarely use.

8. Speaking of, tell me – what are you go-to booties for the season? Even if it’s still 90 degrees where you’re at like it is here. Cue huge eye roll.

9. Can’t believe I’m even asking this when you guys know what a huge pen-and-paper person I am. But what is your favorite digital planner or calendar that gives you reminders? I have major mom/pregnancy brain and keep missing things on my list and it’s making me crazy. I need something that reminds me constantly! Also, p.s. the nourished planner is on sale now too! I love this planner.

10. Because it never gets old. EVER. It’s decorative gourd season.