1. Today is our 9-year anniversary (NINE!) and I can hardly believe it. We should definitely have some sort of huge dessert to celebrate, right? Our cake was a mix of chocolate fudge and white chocolate and it’s all I want in life right now.

2. I need to hear your thoughts on all of these outrageous ice cream toppings.

3. So, I did the new iPhone update and while I don’t love it (wah wah wah), I know I’ll get used to it and it will be fine. But I can’t STAND the font on some of the apps – like the header font on messages and notes and email. It looks so childish and old school to me. Can I change this? I clearly have a lot of important things to be concerned about. Sheesh.

4. I’m a morning lover but I know that not everyone is. However, my morning routine/life is really different now that I have Max, so I’m super intrigued by this productive afternoon routine.

5. Pretty sure it’s because I’m very pregnant but last week’s This Is Us had me so weirdly, crazy emotional. Like more so than usual! I just love them all so much. You know, it’s real life of course. Also! I’m still so into Grey’s Anatomy and am kind of liking this storyline even though it feels mildly ridiculous. But what doesn’t feel mildly ridiculous on that show?

6. Last week while I was editing photos laaaate one night I saw that Waiting to Exhale was on Showtime and I totally watched it because it was one of my favorite movies when I was a tween, and then I was like “ummm how did my mom even let me watch this?!” because they were a ton of shows we were not allowed to watch for awhile (Married with Children, The Simpsons, Roseanne, even FRIENDS!!!) but then I thought, who cares, because it is still the greatest soundtrack of all time. Right? Like please go put the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack on your spotify right now. Oh Whitney.

7. While we’re talking about old(er?) movies, I died over this clip of Julia Roberts acting our her film career.

8. Very not happy about the fact that my favorite fall weather is MIA and it’s 80 degrees. Whyyyyy.