tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. How stunning is this pumpkin cider cheesecake?! AH.

2. I’m just living my iced coffee life until eggnog lattes are back. They are the BEST lattes all year long! Hot or iced.

3. Thoughts on the bodysuit trend? So I think I asked this, like, over a year ago because I couldn’t believe something so horribly uncomfortable was coming back. I actually am liking some of the ones that I see but obviously being pregnant they are not an option… and most likely won’t be for awhile after as I’m nursing. But! I’m not hating it like I was before. And sort of hope they will still be a trend in 6ish months.

4. For some reason I find this article about Disneyland’s opening day so interesting.

5. My life is pretty much made now that Justin Timberlake is doing the Superbowl half-time show. Only reason I’ll probably watch.

6. So…  the Walking Dead is back! I actually liked the episode and love the Talking Dead after. And whyyyy must This Is Us kill me every week? Something funny: my mom has no interest in This Is Us. She can’t get into it and doesn’t like it at all. Ha! We usually like the same type of shows but she’s just like… no. I don’t understand why everyone loses it over the show. I DO.

7. Also! Did you see that Supermarket Sweep is coming back? My brother and I used to looooove that show.

8. This killed me. Cake in the break room with no instructions.