1. It’s official due date day and I just have to say that I am thrilled this baby has decided to stay put so I don’t miss Max trick-or-treating! I mean, that may change in a few hours, but let’s hope not. At least not until after 8PM. Happy Halloween!

2. Speaking of trick-or-treat, what is this sorcery that is the Snickers crisper?! OMG. It’s ruining my life. Eddie bought big bags of Halloween candy and I broke into them earlier and can’t stop eating these pieces and it’s truly terrible (wonderful).

3. I have absolutely no idea why this makes me laugh so hard.

4. It’s that time of year when Eddie and I are in the midst of the heat wars. Meaning, I don’t want to turn on the heat (ever, I love to be cold and it’s so much easier to warm up!) and the minute it’s like, 65 degrees out, he wants to turn on the heat. So we battle over the thermostat. I turn it off every night and he turns it on every morning. FUN. 

5. Very much been craving this herb and garlic mushroom pasta.

6. Am I the only one hoping for some super juicy JFK info in the release of the files? I’ve always found it to be so interesting (as you probably know my weirdo love for presidential history) and mysterious. Also, did you guys watch the movie Jackie? I could barely make it through it. Wow.

7. Obsessed with this advice from some of the best writers.

8. Can I just say that I LOATHED the ending of Grey’s Anatomy last week?! Ugh. Cannot believe a certain person left. WTF. Also! We started Stranger Things but haven’t been through many episodes yet. Your verdict on this season so far? Annnnd, I thought The Walking Dead was the worst. So boring and barely any speaking. Blah.

9. Okay! Have you heard of December Daily? I feel like I should preface this by saying that I am so NOT a scrapbook person (cannot/have no interest in keeping up with the craftiness) but you guys know what a freak I am over the holidays. I’m considering attempting it because I find the holidays to be so magical, but am also afraid that I’ll get too stuck in my head about it being crafty and fancy. Have you done it? I know a bunch of you have suggested Project Life to me before which I don’t know if I could keep up with, but this could be a start!