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Happy December! Can you even believe that we’re at the last month of 2017? It’s insane. What have you guys been up to?

We’ve been whipped into a tornado of lots of newborn snuggles, toddler craziness and christmas decorating all while watching Christmas Vacation every single day. And The Family Stone. Oooomph. The best and the worst.

Some things! Don’t forget that I have all of my favorite gift guides for 2017 RIGHT HERE. I’m going to start wrapping this weekend and can’t wait. I’m one of the weirdos that loves wrapping.

Also! November beauty favorites… here you go.

Favorites of the week!

what you should cook in december.

the ultimate crudite platter. this is insane!

craving these chewy pistachio lace cookies.

these sausage cheese balls make me want to love sausage.

the cutest santa hat gingerbread cupcakes!

how amazing do these mumbai shrimp tacos look?

these gluten free snickerdoodles look so so good.

omg. sticky toffee pudding with mascarpone butterscotch. whaaat.

oooh this garlic lima bean salad. yes.

into roasted cauliflower with chickpeas and pomegranate.

loving this golden carrot ginger soup.

really want to try this chickpea masala omelette!

coconut lime frosted sugar cookies? whoa.

and chocolate chile crinkle cookies! ooooh. so good.