Here we are! The end of 2017. Craaaazzzzy.

december beauty favorites I

I have lots of likes (and dislikes?!) to tell you about this month. I’m still riding some of the new makeup high from the VIB sale!

SO. I also tried a few Glossier products this month after getting them on Black Friday sale and honestly? Was TOTALLY underwhelmed. Like so underwhelmed. I absolutely hated the boy brow. Everyone has told me to try it since it’s similar to Benefit’s Gimme Brow (which is currently recalled? And I’m freaking out about it!) and to me, it’s no where near as good! The brush is bigger (so I have less control), the brown shade isn’t dark enough (but the black was too dark) and the formula didn’t cover my brows evenly or anything like Gimme Brown does. Really bummed.

I also bought the haloscope? And hated it. First, there is like no highlight at all, no sheen. Not even a super natural sheen. The formula also never dried down so it was sticky on my face the entire time and would rub off. Horrible!

A product I do like but don’t think is groundbreaking or anything is the Balm dot com in birthday cake. I’m just keeping it in my kitchen for constant use!

There’s only one product I really LOVED and it’s listed below.

So let’s do it!

december beauty favorites I

RMS Magic Luminizer. Holy freaking heck. This might be my favorite highlighter or 2017 and um, HOW many did I talk about? Tons. I bought the 3-pack of this at Nordstrom and this shade is by far my favorite. It’s so natural and gorgeous and goes on smoothly. It’s cream-based which I love. Absolutely my favorite product in this whole bunch! This is exactly what I was hoping the Glossier haloscope would be.

Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak. Words can’t even express how much I missed baths when pregnant in 2017. And it’s funny, because I actually have hated baths my entire adult life until about a year after I had Max. I know that I could technically take a lukewarm bath while pregnant (even though my doctor still said, eh, I’d just avoid it), but I do exactly what you’re not supposed to do and basically burn my skin off in a bath. (I know, you really don’t want to hear me complain about dry skin now…). So getting a lukewarm bath while pregnant doesn’t even sound appealing. Anyway! I’ve made it back to bathland and am obsessed with the coconut milk bath soak. It’s just so, so comforting an relaxing. And doesn’t require cleaning the entire tub like it does when you use a neon bath bomb. Also, can someone tell me the appeal of bath bombs? I really don’t get it.

Natasha Denona Lila Palette. A VIB sale purchase, I started using this full force at the end of November and allll the way through December. It is STUNNING. Again, these shadows are just so buttery and smooth! I can even make some of these colors work for everyday life. But I do love doing a bolder eye with this. Eeeep!

december beauty favorites I

Origins Ginger Souffle Cream. I bought this as a nostalgic pre-birth treat. I had this cream when Max was born and wanted it to use again after Emilia was born. The scent is wonderful but it’s also so creamy and soft and thick. I’ve almost used the entire thing as it’s mainly the only body cream I’ve been using since she was born.

Glossier Cloud Paint. Now this!! This I am in love with. I’ve talked about my love for cream or gel blush for years. I’m obsessed with the shade Puff. It’s super natural and I think it’s the perfect pink for winter. I love the tube and delivery system and it blends great. And a little goes a long way, however it seems I’m already halfway through the tube!

december beauty favorites I

OUAI Hair Oil. Apparently I’m refusing to admit that my hair has just… CHANGED since having kids. Ugh. It’s becoming thicker (which is good I guess? but it was thick already!) but also drier and frizzy. Really frizzy. I can’t believe how much I have to maintain and control the frizz, especially at the ends of my hair. Still absolutely loving this oil (I’m on my second bottle) and I’ll use it on wet and dry hair. It also smells incredible.

Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit. OMG!! All the exclamation points. This has been a favorite for YEARS (you’ve probably seen me mention it) but was limited edition. Imagine my utter shock when I randomly came across it shopping online at Nordstrom (it was like in the sidebar recommendations or something?) – I immediately bought it and had Eddie give it to me for Christmas. I’m so glad I did because the next morning when I looked to tell you guys about it on insta stories, it was sold out. I know it’s annoying to include here since it’s sold out there (it is here though!), but if you can ever find it or if it comes back, it’s to die for!

december beauty favorites I

And that’s that! Would love to hear what you’ve been loving this month, what you got for Christmas and what you’re looking forward to in Spring makeup!