life with emilia at 10 weeks I howsweeteats.com

When she smiles at me, I just melt. Melt melt melt into a giant puddle.

I can’t believe it’s been TEN WEEKS!! Life is so crazy and fast and amazing. Emilia is the sweetest little thing and I want to have her be this cuddly and little forever.

Current things?

Adjusting from one to two is HARD!! I’m still getting used to it. The house is still an absolute mess. Like I cannot get a handle on the toddler mess that Max creates. It usually looks 100% cleaned up twice a week, I’d say. The rest of the time? It’s cleaned up with toys strewn throughout the house. It is so impossible to keep things uncluttered, even when we’ve made a spot for them. Ooomph!

life with emilia at 10 weeks I howsweeteats.com

The other thing is that I AM SO STIR CRAZY!! Before we had Emilia, Max and I went everywhere and did everything. When the weather has been warmer, I’ve taken both kids and it’s fine (I mean it’s hard as hell but I handle it) and as long as I’m relaxed about the new normal, it’s enjoyable. But it’s been SO cold out and I just can’t justify taking Emilia out in the freezing cold – along with the time it takes to get both of them in and out of the car, meaning one of them would be stuck in the cold for a minute while I get the other in the car. STRUGGLES.

Other than that, we’re all good. Excited for 40 degree temps next week!

life with emilia at 10 weeks I howsweeteats.com

This child is still sleeping so much – and sleeping through the night. THIS BOGGLES MY MIND. Honestly, I hate to even type it out because when I dealt with Max not sleeping for 24 months, I wanted to scratch my eyes out every time I read about babies sleeping through the night. I googled everything, tried everything I could (aside from crying it out and stopping breastfeeding) and was still awake constantly. If that is you, I feel your pain. Not even exaggerating when I say that Max didn’t sleep longer than two hours at a time for 24 MONTHS. Gahhhhh!

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, meaning that I keep thinking I will “screw up” her sleep and she will stop sleeping these stretches.

But right now, when I say “sleeping through the night” Emilia is going 6.5 to 8.5 hours at night. She almost always goes 6.5. And then often, she will start to squirm at 6.5 or 7 (she is still right next to me in the bassinest) but not cry and not even open her eyes. She usually falls back into a deep sleep for an hour or two. Her doctor says that “sleeping through the night” is considered from the hours of 12 to 5. Crazy right? This is seriously blowing my mind! I just can’t believe it. She sleeps more than Max now… still!

However, I will be absolutely shocked if she starts sleeping longer than 8 hours in a stretch since she is exclusively breastfed? But at the same time, I can’t believe she is going this long. It’s nuts. It’s amazing. In one way I feel very, very rested, but in another way I don’t feel rested at all since I’m running after Max a bunch!

life with emilia at 10 weeks I howsweeteats.com

She and Max are such different babies! The only thing they really have in common is that they are/were so so happy all the time. Such pleasant, happy little babes. Max was a dream without any sleep (which is the only way I survived it, let’s be real) and she is a dream with tons of sleep! How does that happen?

She’s just so chill and go with the flow. It’s awesome and I feel super lucky. She’s much bigger than he was at this stage and her chins just kill me. I could eat her up! I wonder if she will surpass him – she is already almost HALF of his weight. It’s freaking adorable.

My biggest issue is just wishing I could clone myself and be everything to both kids all the time. Like I already feel like I don’t get to hold and snuggle Emilia as much as I did with Max. It kills me! I just want to snuggle her 24/7 and it breaks my heart. Baby wearing makes it a little better.

life with emilia at 10 weeks I howsweeteats.com

Still feel insanely lucky that Max is obsessed with her. I mean, he calls her HIS BABY. He gets very concerned when we go somewhere without her (his music class, activities, a Target run, etc) and he can’t take when she isn’t with us. I actually find myself having to keep him away from her as opposed to worrying about him being jealous – he just wants to kiss and hold and pick her up constantly and trying to calmly keep his face out of hers 24/7 without making him feel sad is tricky! Annnd honestly it’s kind of funny… haha. Let’s see if he is still this happy once she is on the move.

We have lots of snuggles daily – the three of us. It’s my favorite time and I know, just KNOW, that I will look on these days and want them back so, so, so much.

She’s just my favorite little bug! xo