life with emilia: twelve weeks in.

I said to Eddie that I just can’t believe she is a quarter of a year old ALREADY!

emilia at 12 weeks I

And I said this approximately 6 million times when I wrote about Max, but time passes so fast with them that I actually feel like I’m missing things. Even though I am here for all of it. It is crazy.

This little doll baby is SO fun.

emilia at 12 weeks I

There isn’t a ton new over here, aside from the fact that she is changing every single day. She rolls over, loves tummy time and giggles and laughs constantly.

She makes the FUNNIEST faces. The hugest smiles. Like she smiles so hugely(?) that it’s impossible not to smile back and laugh hysterically. She is also SO loud! She loves to squeal and talk and screech like a pterodactyl. Usually around 10:30 every night she gets in party mood and giggles and screeches like crazy for about 10 minutes. It’s my favorite!

She reaches and grabs things now which is wild and it seems like the last almost-three months went by in a blur. She is just such a sweetheart, so chill and always so happy.

emilia at 12 weeks I

Sleep is still good but I’m afraid I jinxed myself in the last post when I said I didn’t think she’d go past 8 hours. She’s going about 6.5 to 7 now (which still feels like a miracle compared to Max) and I’m convinced I’m doing something to screw up her sleep! Bah!

I can’t wait until the weather gets warmer and we can get outside, walk, swim – do all that fun stuff. We have been hibernating a lot because I’m so flipped out about the flu and am pretty maxed out on grocery store and target trips to stay sane. Ahahahahaha.

emilia at 12 weeks I

From now on I’m going to do monthly updates on Emilia and I’ve loved that I got to ramble and write about these last 12 weeks with her. I’ll be sharing some other fun things over here like our 3-year old toddler favorites, toddler eats, baby favorites and all that jazz! In fact, baby favorites are coming tomorrow! Stay tuned. xoxoxo