tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Who else was completely, weirdly satisfied that the start of a new year happened on a Monday?!

2. Definitely need a very (extra) large superfood salad.

3. I probably haven’t been this sad about the holidays being over since I was in middle school. Pretty sure it’s a combo of being sick and missing the most fun days with our families but also because Max is at an age where it’s just.so.fun.

4. Do you ever batch prep your smoothies for a few days? I really want to do this but also can’t stand the smoothie separation after one sits in the fridge. I need tips.

5. On New Year’s Eve we played Heads Up for HOURS and oh my gosh, it was so fun! I basically want to make Eddie play it with just me every single night when he gets home.

6. Eddie is still binging on The Punisher, I watched a bunch of Fuller House (cringe city, but I can’t stop) and other than that, there’s been no TV! But I’m going to start rewatching The Affair and Billions in preparation for the new seasons.

7. Last year I ended up reading a ton of books in the first half of the year but fell off the wagon after summer when I got super busy. So I’m setting a 50 book goal for this year! I like to read about a book a week (or more, because I can’t stop reading at night if I’m into something) but this seems a bit more realistic.

8. This is the best list I’ve found on being your most productive self in 2018.

9. Winter citrus season is the best season. Until the next season. You know?