And this is where I say again: HOW IS TIME GOING THIS FAST?!

life with emilia at 8 weeks I

Even in the two weeks since I last posted about Emilia, she seems to have changed so much.

I don’t have a ton to update, but since I did weekly posts with Max until he was 12 weeks, I wanted to make sure that I at least got in some pictures every other week for Emilia!

She is still such a wonderful, chill baby! Super happy, smiling lots and sleeping soooo much more than her brother did.

life with emilia at 8 weeks I

A bunch of you have asked what I’ve done differently since she is sleeping so well and the answer is… nothing! It’s crazy. I honestly think Max just doesn’t like to sleep (he still fights it daily) and Emilia loves to sleep. The only difference is that I’m not holding her constantly due to, well… life these days with a toddler! But I still hold her a lot, still nurse on demand, etc.

I hope we can keep this streak up. Right now she is eating every 3ish hours and she sleeps about 6 to 6.5 at night. Even the nights when she sleeps only four hours at a time feel like a miracle!

life with emilia at 8 weeks I

I feel like we have been so lucky in the sibling department with how much Max adores her. I know that might change a bit once she is more alert, moving around and in need of even more attention (and taking his toys? ha?), but right now he just looooves her. Wants to always hold her, always asks me where she is and when she wakes up he goes up to her and says “did you have a good snooze baby Emilia?” HE KILLS ME.

life with emilia at 8 weeks I

He got a little playhouse for Christmas and alllllll he keeps talking about is how baby Emilia can play in his house with him. Right now, we take blankets in the house for her and read them both stories inside the house. It’s so fun and adorable and something I will remember forever.

life with emilia at 8 weeks I

The saddest part about the beginning of this week is that I’m really, officially going back to working 100%. I did eight weeks of work ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to physically cook, style, photograph or anything like that for my own blog or my freelance projects – and only do computer work. It was such an enormous undertaking at the time that I can’t believe I already have to start again! Feels like I just stopped.

I’m excited to get back into a routine but am sad that we can’t just cuddle Whomp whomp.

It’s probably the plight of the second child but I still just wish that I was able to hold and cuddle her as much as I did with Max! The cuddles never feel like enough. I’ve probably done it as much as I possibly can, but no where near like I did with him. Remember how I pretty much didn’t put him down for 16 weeks? Ah, the life. And our house was so clean!

life with emilia at 8 weeks I

[p.s. remember Max in this onesie?!]

Speaking of the house being clean, I am struggling with this now bigtime! I didn’t even worry about it when Max was born… because no one else was making a mess! Um, this time, there have been moments where I am straight up losing my mind. The toddler tornado that he creates is unreal with toys and junk everywhere. It can get so overwhelming and as soon as we’re cleaning it up, it’s a disaster zone again! Pretty sure it comes down to how a cluttered space = a cluttered mind. Really trying to let that go.

My biggest resolution for 2018 is to be present in the magic moments of everyday life. With time just blowing by, I’m already missing the things that happened yesterday, so I want to make sure I’m enjoying every second!