tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Ummm so I finally broke down and got an Instant Pot. Ugh. It’s for a very specific reason (that you will benefit from!) but so far… I’m unimpressed. I actually feel like I can make the recipes on the stovetop in an instant more than in this pot. If I was naming something an Instant Pot, I’d like to throw tortillas, fish, avocados, salsa and slaw inside and make it instantly turn into fish tacos.

2. Majorly craving this enchilada chicken tortilla soup.

3. Can I get a fiddle leaf fig tree online? I’ve looked around here for years (and probably talked about it in 34 tuesday things posts since all I do is repeat myself) and they are NO WHERE!  See also: I will probably kill it so just tell me about a really good looking fake one?

4. I can’t get into the true crime podcasts because most things like that SCARE THE CRAP out of me. Some I can handle. Most I cannot.

5. The only thing we watched this week was Divorce since it came back on HBO. Oh my gosh, Thomas Haden Church just makes us laugh out loud CONSTANTLY. And I’ll obviously forever love SJP. Such a good show. Also, just started Marvelous Mrs Maisel! Yes yes yes.

6. Can we please discuss the Tonya Harding special?! I’m still dying to see the movie and it’s only playing at a few random places… but it’s like, are we supposed to adore her now? I’m confused.

7. Who has read The Sarah Book? I started reading and listening to it (after reading about 40 reviews on Friday night, in the middle of the night, while feeding Emilia) and it’s SO good but so horrible at the same time. If you’ve read it, you probably get it?

8. Very into this idea of the morning gratitude routine. I always have done it the opposite way!

9. I’m so very sad that our Christmas decor is down and now the house just seems so DARK inside. I want something to replace the twinkle lights. Halp me.

10. If you grew up in Pittsburgh as a hockey fan in the 90s, this is a must see. Very heartbreaking and (hopefully will continue to be) inspiring.