tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Last week I shared on instagram stories that I finally made these cookies that are breaking the internet. I’m not really a shortbread fan so I wasn’t sure if I’d be into them. BUT THEY ARE SO GOOD. They are like… addictive. At first bite you think “eh, they’re okay…” but then you can’t stop eating them. Forever.

2. My insane desire to decorate for random holidays since I had kids? It’s over the top. I’ve bought Valentine’s day plates, cups and decor for Max. I can hardly wait for Easter. Why does my 25 year old self feel like I have no life and my 35 year old self feel like it’s the best life ever?

3. OMG – I will never get over how FB destroyed instagram and how instagram changed from being NOT REAL LIFE… and this is so spot on. Stop ruining it.

4. Remember a month or so ago when I said I don’t care for “everything” seasoning on… well, everything? Well. Max and I split an everything croissant from Starbucks last week and I basically want to eat it every day.

5. My excitement for the olympics is intensifying constantly. On a serious note, I watched the clips of Aly Raisman speaking in court last week and was blown away. So many emotions for her and all the girls. Watching them speak is incredibly moving and just amazing.

6. Divorce on Sunday night seriously made me laugh out loud. It’s so awful and embarrassing but hilarious and real (from what I can assume… ha!). And This Is Us. GAH! Killing me. Why is every single actor so so so so good in the show? I can’t handle it.

7. Oh and can we talk about my love for Allison Janey and how cool her outfit was at the SAG awards?! I also loved what Mandy Moore, Margot Robbie, Halle Berry, Lupita Nyong’o and Nicole Kidman wore.

8. I’m desperately trying to avoid the instagram-deep-dive-before-bed routine. See #3. I mean, I should probably have that meme framed – you know, the one that says something about being absolutely exhausted, but you’ll go to sleep after scouring facebook, instagram and every wikipedia page on the internet for four hours? THAT’S ME. Why is this entire post about instagram? Can’t even stand me.