As promised, I’m taking you through a day in the life when it’s not a recipe development/photography/i-have-childcare day! This is what happened last Thursday, and it’s the nitty gritty rambly details of my very boring life that I love so much. You can find January’s here and February’s here!

3:30am: since Emilia is still refusing to go back to her wonderful 8 or 10 hours of sleep, shes up! I feed her and she goes back to sleep. Thankfully, so do I. Don’t even look at my phone. I toss and turn until I wake up for the day though.

6:30am: Emilia is up again (for good this time, or like, at least an hour or two) and Max actually is too. The three of us snuggle in bed which is so fun since Emilia is a little bigger now and not quite as fragile around the tornado that is Max. The first thing he wants to do in the mornings is hold her and I seriously melt into a freaking puddle.

Max asks for a banana and a (clif Z) bar. I drink a massive bottle of water with apple cider vinegar and make some coffee too!

a day in the life I

On Thursdays, we usually go to music class and have a super rushed morning that goes well into the afternoon. But there is a spring break this week for music, so we’re home! At least, until later. We can sort of ease into the day instead of running around like psychos trying to get out of the house on time.

7am: my normal work routine is a little off today because I have so many (wonderful!) messages and photos from readers about The Pretty Dish! This has been so incredibly amazing and I want to make sure I respond to every single one. I’m trying! It takes about 12.5 hours to go through all of the messages and posts on Instagram… which I realize sounds ridiculous.

8am: Emilia is ready to sleep again already, so I put her down for a nap and Max has peanut butter toast. I made avocado toast for myself and he watches Doc McStuffins while I clean up the kitchen a bit. I also get in as much work as I can on my computer at this time since he is really into playing on his own in the mornings. He plays with his hot wheels race track for over an hour.

10am: Emilia is up and I feed her.  I get a bit more work done, throw in some laundry, clean up our room and the kids’ rooms, things like that.

a day in the life I

11:30am: I make a smoothie with pitaya and spinach and blueberries annnnd forget to take a pic. As I’m writing this I’m trying to find a pic from another day to use and can’t even find one. Max loves these! He calls them ice cream.

11:45am: I jump in the shower quickly because I’m a mess. Also have a dentist appointment later and have to get ready for it! I put Emilia in the Bjorn bouncer and Max brings toys to sit right next to her. I quickly get a shower while peeking out every 30 seconds.

It’s amazing, because in those few minutes Max manages to trash the bathroom. He throws all sorts of things into the tub. Clothes, clean towels, cars, kitchen bowls – EVERYTHING.

Emilia goes down for a little nap here once I’m done. I’ve been using a sound machine with her occasionally and it helps drown out the sound of toddler craziness. It’s great!

a day in the life I howsweeteats.com12pm: I dry my hair, throw on some makeup and curl my hair a little bit too. In order to do this with both kids, I watch Max bring out basically every toy he owns and cover the upstairs in legos, cars, race tracks and instruments. But I was able to get ready!

12:45pm: I eat some leftovers quickly since I don’t know when I will be able to eat after the dentist. Also have half of an Rx bar! And record a few instagram stories reeeeally quickly.

a day in the life I

1pm: I feed Emilia and get her dressed. Max and I are both dressed and ready to go! We make it out of the house only 7 minutes later than I wanted to. This is a win.

1:45pm: I desperately needed childcare super last minute (like SUPER LAST MINUTE, within minutes) and my aunt happened to be 2 minutes away from where my dentist appointment was. Remember when I chipped my tooth on a croissant when I was pregnant and needed a root canal at 38 weeks? FUN. Well, this was finishing up that procedure. My aunt sat in the car with the kids while I got it done! Not an ideal situation but it was so amazing that we were in the same spot and she could help me out so I didn’t have to cancel.

2:45pm: I leave the denist and we are riiiiight behind a chick fil-a and their nuggets happen to be Max’s favorite thing on earth. I get him nuggets with the fruit cup and apple juice and he is thrilled. My face is numb but I got a diet coke. I grew up my entire life hating carbonated drinks (they burn my mouth and throat! I don’t know why!) but very occasionally want the bubbles. I drank some and it was perfect since I couldn’t really eat. But I won’t want it again for months.

a day in the life I

3:15pm: we’re back home and since Max didn’t take a nap, he is super snuggly. Emilia sits in the pod, I sit on the couch and Max sits next to me all snuggled up. I do a little but of work.

3:45pm: I feed Emilia and drink a thousand ounces of water. There is no thirst like nursing thirst!

4:30pm: I have approximately 124 mini chocolate eggs. Or, like, four. The dentist would be thrilled! Ugh. I’m the worst. My upper right side hurts like heck so I don’t want to eat anything. All I want on earth is more coffee and caffeine but I never risk it this late with Emilia. Max and I split and apple! I also have some jalapeño roasted cashews.

5:45pm: I start to heat up the leftover Bolognese I have from The Pretty Dish. We love this so freaking much. I made whole wheat penne to go with it (our go-to) and a few brussels sprouts that were left over from a recipe on Monday.

While I do this, Max is playing with play dough at the kitchen counter and Emilia is sitting in her seat, watching us and munching on a toy.

Does anyone else feel like the time from later afternoon until bedtime is just INSANE? It’s crazy for us and we don’t even have school-aged kids or homework or late activities yet. It must be because the kids are winding down and it takes more attention to keep them happy?

6pm: I do a quick fridge clean out because tomorrow is trash day and I know there are so veggies struggling in the crisper drawer. I forgot about them in the book excitement.

6:10pm: quick Emilia break to nurse!

7pm: Eddie gets home and we eat! Max isn’t super hungry since he had the chicken and the apple, so he has a yogurt.

7:45pm: Emilia is a little fussy so I put her to sleep early while Eddie is giving Max a bath. Nurse her, book, snuggle, and lay her down.

Since I don’t have childcare on Thursdays and we usually have activities in the morning, I do most of my work at night. Since we had a free morning, I got a bunch done but have a lot of extra stuff since the book was released this week!

8pm: I break out my laptop and just sit near the TV where I watch the mess that is Grey’s Anatomy while I edit photos and write my post for tomorrow.

a day in the life I

I work on the computer until midnight but I don’t mind because it’s stuff I like AND I tend to take Friday’s off… slightly. I love to front load my week. Fridays are almost ALWAYS a day where I do a ton of work in the morning and take off the rest of the day. I might clean up the entire house or we might get out of the house and go shopping, or whatever! Regardless, I like to get all of my work done that I possibly can so Friday is easy.(er!)

12:30am: I get into bed but do another big Instagram check because you guys are being AMAZING about The Pretty Dish. I want to comment and share everything you’re posting because I’m so thankful for the support!

12:45am: I have a freakout about everything I have to do tomorrow so I make a quick list on the Notes section in my phone. This is the BEST. Big brain dump right before sleeping and I sleep so much easier.

Also, Emilia wakes up! Perfect timing. I feed her and then pass the heck out. GOODNIGHT