[In the craziness of April, I totally missed my day-in-the-life post! I thought about recording a day of travel but I mean… it was so boring and repetitive and generally nuts with the kids that I didn’t even know how to record it!

I almost skipped May too, but then yesterday morning realized that I had a fun crazy day and I figured I’d document it for May!

This day was a mix of mom life and work life and then I had a hair appointment at night (that I’d totally forgotten about because I made it in January!) and it was an amazing day aside from no AC. This is my real life, boring day-to-day life that I adore. With no pretty pics!]

5AM: I’m up and feeding Emilia and we are HOT. The day before, our air conditioner broke and today it’s supposed to be 90 degrees, so I just want to cry. Eddie has left for work and I know that I should get up RIGHT NOW (well, when I’m done feeding her) and work out but I’m so freaking tired. Emilia was awake a lot last night.

Instead of getting out of bed, I lie there for a few minutes and then kind of doze off for 30 more minutes. When I wake up, I’m instantly annoyed that I just didn’t get up and work out. This is my major struggle at the moment because Emilia is waking a few times a night (growth spurt? Wonder week? I don’t know! But she is up every 2ish hours right now.) and if I’m barely getting 3 or 4 or 5 hours or sleep, I just can’t function to exercise at 5AM anymore. Then I get really annoyed at myself because it’s an excuse and even I have to work late at night (which I love, obvi – and it’s the only time I can do it!), I see moms who get like 4 hours of sleep work out at 5AM on Instagram on the time. Whomp whomp. WHERE IS MY PRIORITY!

6:15AM: Max is awake and he is STARVING! Get this – we had such a fun weekend that the day before when we left the pool at 4PM? He fell asleep in the car… and slept the entire night! He didn’t wake up when we transferred him from the car to the couch and barely blinked from the couch to bed. He hadn’t eaten since lunch so he was sooo hungry. Normally, I’d try to get him to go back to sleep for awhile, but I obviously knew this boy had to eat.

We made peanut butter banana toast and he has a Clif Z bar and a yogurt pouch. I do a little but of computer work while we snuggle on the couch and try to find a show for him to watch.

7AM: I pump on one side quickly because I still need a stash of milk when I go away this weekend to Nashville for my book signing. After heading to Atlanta sans kids, we ended up sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours on the way home and finally got home at 2AM – the only problem with late flights. We decided there is no way we can risk that happening with Emilia, so just Lacy and I are headed to the signing this weekend.

It gives me insane anxiety but I just can’t think about it. I really don’t have a choice and I don’t want to cancel my signing a week before it happens, and Eddie already stayed with both kids by himself and everyone survived. We can do this!

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7:30AM: Emilia is up and I nurse her on the other side. I get both kids dressed and ready to go.

8AM: We leave the house because Emilia has to get her 6 month shots. At her appointment two weeks ago, she was sick and the doctor suggested waiting until she felt better to get her shots. Gosh, I LOVE our doctor. Today was our appointment, so we’re off! I purposely left 10 minutes early so I can get an iced coffee. Apparently THAT is where my priority is. Ugh.

9AM: I nurse Emilia in the doctor’s office after the shots to comfort her. Max is so well behaved (but worried!) and plays with the cars that he brought.

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9:10AM: At midnight the night before, I had the good idea to order groceries to pick up at 9AM. Thank god I did! We go and pick those up (life saving!) and then I also head to get gas in my car because I’m almost on empty and have to run out later.

9:45AM: We’re back home and I’ve unloaded some of the groceries, started to make the donut batter for a blog post and have Emilia in a seat ready to feed her actual food. I figure that I can get the donuts in the oven (I want to bake them as quickly as possible so the oven is on for a short amount of time since we have no AC!), start feeding Emilia and put away the cold groceries!

I give Emilia banana (just half of one that she munches on!) and then peas, blueberries and carrots. She LOVES it and screams for more and more which makes me so happy, because up until last week she really wasn’t into food.

Max ran into the house and started playing at his train table so he is totally entertained for the moment.

10AM: Lacy is here! Now that she is working with me, work life is so wonderful and she has helped me SO much. I’m in usual spaz mode when she gets here because I’m doing three things at once and trying to feed Emilia too. I finish up with Emilia and clean her up – which takes more time than the actual food, haha. It’s crazy how messy babies get.

Alex (Max’s babysitter!) also gets here at this time, thank heavens! She is here with Max for a portion of the day (and later with Emilia!) so I can get some work done. He tells her that he “needs alone time” (his new favorite phrase while he is playing) and continues to play at the train table, so she entertains Emilia for a little while we get to shooting and styling!

10:15AM: I put Emilia down for her nap. It’s a bit later than usual, but this tends to be her longest nap so I’m hoping for a good one!

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10:20AM: We’re off and running! I make the donuts that I posted today (which very rarely happens, I’m usually two or three weeks ahead of posts!) along with another recipe. I photograph both and make a gigantic mess in the kitchen.

I also get my Tuesday Things published at this time and work on a few more things for the week. I check on Emilia a couple times too, because she is sleeping so soundly.

Alex is amazing and gets Max to take a nap early today. And while he naps she cleans up our living room toy bomb that went off because she is the best and I would die without her.

12:30 PM: Lacy and I managed to get two recipes made and I photographed them in about two hours! Woohoo! It was super rushed and fast but the photos turned out great. Recipes were already tested so that part was easy. I load up the dishwasher quickly and then make Eddie some turkey sloppy joes. I actually make them in my slow cooker because I don’t want to make the house warmer by turning on my gas range.

1PM: I run upstairs and get ready since I’m a mess. Max and I both have haircuts later today, so I don’t really have to do much to my hair. Thank goodness.

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1:35 PM: Emilia wakes up from a great nap (like 3 hours!) and I nurse her. Then I hurry up and throw on some other clothes so I can take Max for his haircut. He wakes up around 1:45 and gets changed and has a snack.

2:00PM: We leave for Max’s appointment and blast The Greatest Showman soundtrack the entire way.

3:00PM: Looking so sharp with his new summer hair! I can’t even take this boy. I love him so much. We head back home so I can drop him off.

a day in the life I howsweeteats.com

3:35PM: We’re home and I nurse Emilia again just because I’ll be gone for a few hours this afternoon. I change AGAIN because I’m a crazy person and it’s so hot that I throw a dress on.

4:00PM: I leave again for my own hair appointment. I love being in the car by myself (freeeeedom) and listen to some of the newest Armchair Expert podcast.

a day in the life I howsweeteats.com

This is the second time I’ve got my hair done since having Emilia and it feels soooo good to be out and just… sitting somewhere! Ha. I take this time and respond to a ton of emails, DMs on Instagram and FB, FB posts for the book club and blog post comments. Perfect and uninterrupted! I’m trying to get to them all but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Annnd I also read through a Food Network magazine issue hoping for recipe inspo. It was… uninspiring.

a day in the life I howsweeteats.com

7:00PM: Back home after the longest hair appointment ever, but I got color done and it just takes forever! Very nervous about the state of our house with how hot it is. Can you tell this is running my life today? Eddie had brought home ingredients for salad so I had some of the turkey sloppy joes and salad for dinner while he gave Max a bath and Emilia sat in her bouncer.

7:15PM: Emilia is soooo tired at the moment so I nurse her and put her to sleep.

a day in the life I howsweeteats.com

7:45PM: I do a super quick cleanup of the kitchen (that’s putting it loosely) and then Max and I snuggle for about a half hour. Even though it’s so so hot that snuggling is close to impossible.

8:30PM: Eddie puts Max to bed and I grab my computer to get some work done. I work on this post, write my beauty favorites post (coming tomorrow!) which always takes a few hours, write my lifestyle favorites post and edit two sets of photos.

I also pop into The Pretty Dish FB group to list our new June recipes and respond to some posts in there!

11:05PM As I’m finishing writing this post for the day, I’m seriously trying to figure out if I can set up a bed under our kitchen table. It’s the only room that has a ceiling fan and it’s currently 80 degrees in the house. Ooomph.

11:30PM: I head to bed anyway because I don’t want to sleep on the tile floor. Bahaha. I weirdly loved this day of mom stuff + work stuff + a few hours of free time and know that in like 15 years, these are the days I’ll look back on. God that sounds so embarrasingly cheesy but I really feel it!

Oh P.S. I definitely wasted 30 minutes on my phone in bed because I’m the worst kind of millennial.