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Hey hey! Here’s a list of all the food and fun and random things I’ve been loving in February. Let me know what you’ve been loving down below!

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. OMG. Obsessed with this podcast! I have always loved Dax, especially after watching Parenthood. Every episode has been great so far and I love that they are so long. The one with Kristen Bell reminded me so much of my own marriage too! And Jimmy Kimmel. I  laughed out loud multiple times.

Gary Vaynerchuk Crushing It is the book I’ve read (errr, I actually am looking at it on my phone on the kindle app) all last month. SO inspiring. I always make excuses and am horrible with self sabotage and this really gives you a kick in the butt. I love anything self improvement.

Bauble Bar Feather Drop Earrings. These are another pair of the statement earrings that I am OBSESSED with. They are just so fun!

Rebecca Minkoff Geo Stud Earrings. On the opposite end of the spectrum, day in and day out I am a studs girl. I love finding ones that are more fun that just regular studs, and these are my current fave! I’ve basically been living in them.

Vanilla Iced Lattes from Panera! This is a repeat but OH MY GOSH. I am loving these so much more than Starbucks, but rarely get them since we don’t have a drive through Panera! I try to only get iced coffee out once a week and these taste like chocolate milk, in a good way. Not a mocha way. They are very good with almond milk too and I usually hate almond milk in coffee.

This spring Carrots Table Runner. I mentioned this on instagram and it’s a bit early, but if you’re into doing a few fun little decor things around the house for holidays, this table runner is adorable! I generally think Pier 1 is very overpriced for the quality – but I have a few of these runners and they hold up really well! You can usually get these on sale and use a coupon too.

Le Creuset Braiser. This is by far my favorite Le Creuset pot/pan. The size is perfect. The sides go up just enough to prevent splashing/spraying. It’s also pretty enough to display! I really love it. This would be my #1 recommendation for any Le Creuset pot.

Vineyard Vines Funnel Neck Shep Shirt. I’ve had this on a few times in my instagram stories and I always get questions about it. I love love love this sweatshirt that my brother got me for Christmas. It’s still a sweatshirt but the color makes it fun and I don’t mind running errands in it. I think it will also be great during summer when it gets chilly some nights, especially if you’re by water.

Ironborn at Smallman Galley. We have been going to Ironborn since it came into Smallman and have been crazy about it. BUT! This past weekend we tried their new buffalo chicken pizza at brunch (minus the celery, bahaha) and it was the best buffalo chicken pizza I’ve ever tried. UNREAL. If you are in Pittsburgh and haven’t been there, GO! My cousin also ordered their fresh potato chips with blue cheese dip and OMG.

Also, after the pizza, I am still loving the BBG workouts. I use the SWEAT app. They are so freaking hard. But I love that I can do them in my living room if needed!

the Word Swag app. A ton of you have been asking how I’ve been getting cute font on my insta stories and this is it. Cuuuute.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. i purchased everything myself aside from the smeg juicer which was part of a freelance project with crate and barrel. tell me your faves! there may be a few affiliate links above. xoxoxo.]