The day has finally come!

the pretty dish cookbook launch I

I can’t believe it, but The Pretty Dish cookbook is officially here. THANK YOU so much for being the reason that this book is happening!

The Pretty Dish is officially for sale and you can purchase it online at:


Barnes and Noble


Books A Million 


… or anywhere books are sold!

The Pretty Dish has 150 BRAND NEW recipes as well as 50 beauty DIY recipes (think sugar scrubs, lip balms, bath melts). The recipes can be made in 60 minutes or less and they are all so good. Like I love every single thing in this little book! There is also a photo for EVERY recipe. Woohoo!

the pretty dish cookbook launch I

That’s a little sneak peek!

the pretty dish cookbook launch I

Your support over the years and, of course, over the last few months of me talking about The Pretty Dish constantly – means the world to me. THANK YOU thank you thank you! I heart you hugely. I appreciate you so much!

And! I have so many other things to tell you.

The Pretty Dish Book Club is happening! 

We’re doing it! We’re cooking through the book together for the rest of 2018. I was hoping to start this today, but a lot of you reached out saying your book was coming later this week. So look for the official book club details and start on Sunday, March 25th. We will be cooking three recipes from the book each month and you can cook one of them or all of them. It’s going to be SO FUN.

The Pretty Dish Book Tour is ON!

If you didn’t see it a few weeks ago, I shared The Pretty Dish tour (so far). I can’t wait to meet you!

This Saturday, I’ll be signing books at the South Hills Village Barnes and Noble here in Pittsburgh! You can see the event on Facebook here!


Be sure to tag everything you’re making on instagram with #theprettydish! And make sure to tag me @howsweeteats and use the hashtag #howsweeteats too, to ensure that I really can see everything. Remember, I can only see your account if it’s public! I want to be able to feature your amazing creations.

And that brings me to…

A giveaway!

I’m giving away five $250 amazon gift cards to show my appreciation to you!

To enter, post a picture of your copy of The Pretty Dish (a photo with you, a photo with or without a recipe that you have made – whatever you’d like!) on your instagram page (not instagram stories) with the hashtags #theprettydish and #howsweeteats. You can enter as many times as you’d like as long as the picture is your own! Each photo is one entry. This giveaway runs through Saturday, March 31st and there will be five winners! (If you don’t have instagram, you can email me a picture of your dish as entry!) This giveaway is open to EVERYONE!

K, that’s all for today. I’m going to go cry tears of happiness! I can’t wait to hear what you think about the book. Shoot me an email, leave me a comment, leave a review, send me a DM – whatever is your preferred way of contact. Love you guys so much! xoxoxo