tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. OMG! These puffy pancakes? I’m in love.

2. Last year at this time, we were gearing up for our kitchen remodel. I can’t even explain how thrilled I am that something like that is NOT happening right now. We will never ever ever do anything like that again, mark my words. I jokingly wrote about how awful it was last year, but it was baaaaad.

3. I absolutely love this idea of morning pages. Right?

4. So I’ve always loved daylight savings time, especially the last ten-ish years with this job. It means more photography hours for me! But um, yesterday everyone was WIDE AWAKE at 5am for the day so I might be changing my stance on that.

5. TV things! I’m starting to like Homeland a little more this season. This Is Us was SO heartbreakingly good and I’m excited for tonight’s episode. And I pretty much can’t stand every single storyline on Grey’s Anatomy. Oh! Who watched American Idol? I mean, I usually like the auditions so it was okay?

6. True story: as a kid, I was obsessed with the idea of messages in a bottle! And let’s be real… it was probably mostly due to Nicholas Sparks’ book of the same name. My head was always in a book.

7. Give me all of your traveling/flying with multiple kids tips! Also, what do you do for an infant sleep situation in a hotel when you fly somewhere? Do you ask for a crib? Why does this freak me out?

8. Seriously. The Lindt chocolate mini eggs are ruining my life.