the pretty dish cookbook I

And I have a couple things!! Besides maaajor excitement. Eeeek! Okay, so!

  1. You have one week left to preorder and receive your free bonus cookbook! Think chimichurri garlic bread and chorizo guac. OMG. (Also, side note, if you filled out the form and didn’t get your book (and checked your junk/spam!), be sure to shoot me an email!
  2. In case you missed it, I posted the start of The Pretty Dish book tour on Sunday. I can’t wait to see YOU.
  3. THE PRETTY DISH BOOK CLUB IS HAPPENING! We’re going to cook out of the book together for the rest of the year. !!!!!!! So many fun things planned with this and they start next Tuesday, March 20 – the day that The Pretty Dish comes out! Grab your copy so we can start one week from today!

I love you forever. Byyyye.