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Hey hey weekend! How are you guys? Are you enjoying our wonderful spring with ALL THIS SNOW! What the what. I need this rainbow of fruit above to make up for the white stuff.

This weekend we are lying low, preparing to travel and have one of my best friends’ birthdays to attend. I’m still flipped about how to fly with kids.

Also! Don’t forget that The Pretty Dish book tour starts this week! I’ll be in Boston on Wednesday and NYC all next weekend – check out the schedule of events! And be sure to check back tomorrow about all The Pretty Dish meal prep!

p.s. I also shared a very rambly update about Emilia at 5 months. FUN.

I hope you guys have a fabulous one! xoxo

Best things on the internet this week:

the ultimate cheese board from aldi. ooooh.

hello everything pretzel dogs! omg.

bacon parmesan pasta. yes yes yes.

i adore these spring pea veggie burgers!

these dark chocolate chunk macadamia cookies. WHOA.

this walnut avocado sauce sounds amazing.

asparagus potato soup with chive cream. so comforting.

prettiest strawberry shortcake!

and so is this GF strawberry rhubarb version!

obsessed with this pineapple garden cocktail.

these pancakes… stuffed with cheese. holy cow.

magic cellophane noodle bowls. these are crazy!