tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. We got the crazy snow in April and I’m just so shocked that it’s APRIL. I’m having one of those crisis moments where I’m freaking over the time flying by.

2. I don’t even totally love bloody marys and all I want is this bloody mary in my life. OMG.

3. Now that Easter is over, I realized I’ll have the same boring, basic home decor until the fall season. Heeelllp me.

4. Since I’m totally NOT and April Fools day person (basically I’m just no fun at all), I’m glad it fell on Easter and there was a slightly distraction. As with most other things though, now that I have kids, I sort of want to do a fun trick on them when they get older?

5. Okay we have so many TV things to discuss. Homeland – getting scary. What the heck! I am loving Billions SO much and thrilled about it because you know that 3rd seasons often jump the shark (i.e. Homeland). I desperately need Scott Speedman to be a legit character on Grey’s – and like, a character that isn’t killed off in 8 minutes. What are you watching?

6. 85 things to see, hear and read in April. That’s a lot of things.

7. Speaking of! I’m starting to put together my summer reading list (already!) and can’t wait. What have you read lately? I’ve been in a slump!

8. Someone please come to my house and remove all the chocolate peanut butter eggs. Thank you.