tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. This time last year I felt so sick as I was pregnant with Emilia – that even going back and looking at some of the recipes I posted make me feel sick now! Isn’t that crazy? Like I actually like the recipes, but seeing the photos take me back to how I felt that day and I’m just like NO.

2. Well isn’t this stunning. Sakura matcha mousse cake. WOW.

3. Last weekend I got an everything bagel (which is my favorite!) and after three bites, thought “this is weird…” only to realize that their everything meant FENNEL SEEDS. My enemy. Ruined everything.

4. I need a good toy storage solution. Haaaalp me.

5. One of you messaged me on instagram (I can’t remember who! I’m sorry! My brain is mush!) about a Nancy Myer’s playlist on spotify. OMG. I’ve been listening to this kitchen one nonstop! It puts Emilia to sleep which is so cute.

6. So since I’ve been traveling for the book tour, I haven’t got to watch anything! BUT. I have some embarrassing TV news for you. On our way back from Boston, Lacy and I “watched” (we didn’t have headphones so… ) episodes of the new Jersey Shore accidentally on purpose. Actually, on the way there and back. Um, maybe it’s just the nostalgia in me from a decade ago, but we got hooked. Like we talked the entire flight about what we thought was happening (since we couldn’t hear it) and now I want to watch it every week. I hate myself.

7. Definitely need these spring cleaning projects in my life.

8. Honestly I’m just really ready for Target to have out alllll their summer things. I thought the Hunter launch was a bust.